Saturday, February 25, 2017



In TV spots, Chickasaws specialize in revisionist history

What exactly are the Chickasaws selling in all those television commercials? Are they advertising for tourists to visit their cultural center? Are they trying to...
calm down

No, I will not calm down (and neither should you)

A now-viral New York Times op-ed by Sabrina Tavernise spells out a disturbing refrain I have heard for a few weeks now. It begs...
educator's guide

Educator’s guide to Islam a step in the right direction

All you need is love, or at least information. The Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter of Oklahoma (CAIR-OK) released its Educator's Guide to Islamic Religious...
Flat Earth Kyrie Irving

For Kyrie Irving, ball may be life, but Earth is flat

I'm revisiting the topic of Flat Earth this week because, lo and behold, it has popped up again in a very visible way. I...
President Trump

President Trump: Undisputed champ of microaggression

Microaggression is not a new term, but, according to some media, it is a nouveau concept invented by overly sensitive, millennial college “snowflakes” who...
country girl

A Country Girl’s Cry: ‘Nobody gives her tears justice’

A Country Girl's Cry by Bipin Khatiwada Down a country road, She walks with clumsy steps With mystery on her face. She goes to town to stitch fabrics, And is paid...

The bleeding man, the man in charge, and Jack

Jack is not a name that is typically written on a birth certificate. Usually, it's a derivation of John or Jason or some family...

Of bookstores and ignorance: ‘How do you know?’

I read it in a letter to the editor of what used to be called a “journal of opinion” — a letter concerning an...
alpha female

Being ‘The Boss’: An alpha female reflects on single life

At first, it was my friend’s all-caps, double-exclamation-mark Facebook post that motivated me to look closer at the article she was sharing. But then...

Microaggressions in Age of Trump are killing my love life

I spend my working life educating young millennials on the virtues of diversity, cultural understanding, gender equality, religious freedom and the idea that all...

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