Thursday, March 23, 2017


Get Outvideo

‘Get Out’ exemplifies the horror of benevolent racism

While chitchatting with an acquaintance about movies, we began discussing Jordan Peele’s history-making horror/social-commentary film, Get Out (see trailer above). My friend (who is a white...

‘Love God, and your neighbor’ (including LGBTQ ones)

Here we go again, Oklahoma. As the popular meme says, it’s been zero days since our last national embarrassment. Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-OKC) has made...

Sundaze: Man wonders if there’s life after pizza

I've started a paleo diet, which among other things means no more pizza for me. But I love it so! How do I give it...
Sweet Home Oklahoma

Nichols Hills-billies shine in Sweet Home Oklahoma

I'm not typically one for reality TV shows, but I do like sharp-tongued, confident women. So it's little wonder that I took Bravo TV up...
bathroom sign

Trans advocate: Bathroom sign ‘opportunity to educate’

As employees of the Steak & Catfish Barn off I-35 in Edmond closed the restaurant Wednesday night, 82-year-old Bob Warner sat at a table and...

Sundaze: Radiation realities kill fun of Mars fiction

After reading's series on Mars this past week, I'm beginning to wonder how much fun Matt Damon could've really had on the red...

An appeal to a broken relationship

Broken! by Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde Salty waters drip Like the pours from a leaking keg And adorn the soil Like adun¹ I will go back to where we begun our...
Machete Ordervideo

The ‘Machete Order’ for X-Men: One fan’s guide

It’s hard to imagine another franchise whose filmography is as intimidating to newcomers as Star Wars. So, in 2011, blogger Rod Hilton devised a...

Mediator: HB 1277 would punish divorcing couples

Some observers of our current system have said that we live in a disposable society in which too many people think of marriage as...
Lion Jump

Sundaze: The cowardly lion was the biggest badass in Oz

Going over the rollercoaster of news from the White House this past week, along with the subsequent explanations for more Russian connections to this...

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