Sunday, June 25, 2017


The Covenant

The Covenant: ‘Now you hate It, for It’s Queer?’

The Covenant by Derek Geiger I set My Bow in the cloud, A Promise bright and loud. Now My Children are proud, Yet some say it's not allowed. Blind, they...

‘Accidental activist’ grew up gay in 1970s Oklahoma

(Editor's note: The following excerpt is taken from Accidental Activists: Mark Phariss, Vic Holmes, and Their Fight for Marriage Quality in Texas. It has been...
grocery drone

Amazon purchase of Whole Foods could mean Grocery Drones

I've always wondered how Grocery Drones would work, and now with Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, we're one step closer to finding out. I think Grocery...
a pass to hell

A few minutes in heaven, out with a pass to Hell

A few minutes in heaven, out with a pass to Hell by Brian Kasaine I have a good sense of humor I guess it's what makes me...
John Joseph Matthews

The rise of John Joseph Mathews, renowned Osage writer

(Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from the book John Joseph Mathews: Life of an Osage Writer. The book was published by the...
Nasty Women

‘Nasty Women’ to display politically charged art in OKC

During the final presidential debate in October 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump called former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman." At the time, Twitter took...
Hochatown Petting Zoo

Hochatown Petting Zoo video viewed 40 million times

If you know what county is home to Hochatown, you might be an Okie. Or you might be one of the 40 million people...
Bob Soprano

Bob Soprano gives an unexpected fairwell

Seriously, huh? Not quite the ending to Bob Stoops' OU coaching career that anyone was expecting. Much like others have already said, I'm happy for him. But...
ocean to cross

‘How I wish I had an ocean to cross’

Regeneration by James Coburn I always look for the hidden leaf. The voice in the wilderness, An unseen tongue. I am magnetized across continents. Depths of sea restore me, Break away...
Carrie Underwood Charlie Christian

OK Hall of Fame: Carrie Underwood chosen ahead of Charlie Christian

For the second straight year, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame has denied our application to induct renowned guitarist Charlie Christian into its halls posthumously. Perhaps...

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