Tuesday, August 3, 2021



Health official: ‘We are a pill-popping nation’

NORMAN — More people die of prescription drug abuse annually in Oklahoma than die in motor-vehicle crashes, according to a 2015 report by the...
Dr. Gordon Deckert

Dr. Gordon Deckert still preaching health after 85 years

Dr. Gordon Deckert is angry. He's talking about the state of health care in America today, about childhood obesity and adult onset diabetes, about doctors...

A glimpse of Sweden

I like to travel. My wife and I like to stash extra cash and get away for parts of the summer — that time of year...
digital depression

Digitally disconnecting from smiling depression

I woke up this morning to something different. There was no blue glow. There was no delay in getting out of bed to scroll...
OKC street festvideo

A tale of two festivals

I wish Open Streets OKC could be more like WestFest. Both festivals are billed as family-friendly, all-day events. Both seek to highlight the growing walkability...
Backwoods poster

You probably haven’t heard, but Backwoods fest is ludicrous

You probably haven't heard of something called Backwoods Music and Camping Festival. And I don't mean that in a holier-than-thou-hipster kind of way. I mean this weekend's...
economy sharing

Sharing economy helps travelers see good in the world

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The new wave of companies revolutionizing how we sleep in foreign cities and get rides home has sparked criticism from Oklahoma...
Sister Rosemary

Armless boy draws courage for Uganda and the world

(Editor's Note: NonDoc reporter Jack Fowler is also a musician, painter and a volunteer for the local nonprofit Pros for Africa. The organization supports...

Pick the perfect wine for a suave moment

You are holding a wine menu. Across from you, sitting expectantly, is your client / boss / the brunette with secretary glasses who shares...

Months into drug rehab, teen says violin saved her life

It's been said that music is very much like religion: How deeply it affects a person can largely depend on when they discovered it. A...

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