Sunday, March 18, 2018


Oakridge Boysvideo

Mysticism and empowerment via the Oakridge Boys

I don’t usually search for clues to an existential existence in the lyrics of the Oakridge Boys, but I’m not opposed to it, either....
government shutdown

Flipping the switch for a government shutdown

There has to be something like this out there for a government shutdown, right? Wait, it doesn't work that way, does it? Well the government...
reason I write

‘The reason I write’

The reason I write by Brian Kasaine I tried my hand on masonry, but I couldn't build. I asked her out, but she asked me out; of...
Oklahoma to Los Angeles

Oklahoma to Los Angeles: Funny folks find second home

In a scene that reads like a parody of Hollywood interaction, a bankable handsome star, let’s say Jon Hamm, walks up to an unknown...
scientific studies

Reports on scientific studies, caffeine require careful interpretation

A study by Stanford University researchers published in a 2017 edition of the journal Nature Medicine addresses the potential protective and anti-inflammatory effects of...

CreativeMornings offers free inspirational talks (and breakfast)

Today’s Brooklyn has become an “intoxicating blend of energy, international dynamism, influence and street culture,” so it’s no surprise that it was the place...
Tide Pod Challenge

Tide Pod Challenge makes chores trendy, poisonous

You know, I didn't like having to do chores when I was young, but I never really considered turning them into a dangerous game....
State Question 788

State Question 788: Your prescription for ‘Fourthmeal’

Low-hanging fruit perhaps? (Low-hanging leaf?) Just be glad I didn't make a "Doobie Howser, M.D." joke in this comic. I still may, however, as...

The year in pictures: Protest rallies bookend 2017

This photo essay installment is a look back at a baker's dozen images from 2017. There's a photo from each month, but there's no...
Top 10 films of 2017video

Critic’s top 10 films of 2017 highlight deep film history

The Oklahoma Film Critic Circle, a statewide group of film critics of which I am a proud member, awarded Get Out top honors as...

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