Swadley's indictments
(Mike Allen)

In what has been a foggy process getting to the bottom of what happened between the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department and Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Kitchen, we now have some additional insight into the recipe for disaster.

Much like a Texas-style brisket, it took some time to prepare the Swadley’s indictments dished up Thursday by Oklahoma’s multi-county grand jury, which is led by Attorney General Gentner Drummond’s office. After a slow, nearly two-year process that began with an investigation by the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency, we now have a good look at how exactly the operators of the Foggy Bottom Kitchen restaurants at state parks were allegedly defrauding the taxpayers for kitchen equipment and other expenses.

Let us not forget the cheese-melter fiasco, which shook the very foundation of our state, much like the recent earthquakes we’ve had. Of course, there was also the Winchester burger drama. All of this has been fairly delicious to think about, hasn’t it?

A jury trial to resolve these issues seems like a logical conclusion to this saga, with both Swadley’s ownership and the state feeling they’re in the right.

Get your spicy sauce ready, there could be some burnt ends on the menu.

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