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Artists seeing red: Western Avenue mural painted over

A local advertising and printing company's decision to paint over a mural on Western Avenue has caught district leaders by surprise and has spurred a...
SQ 788 laws

Lawyer lists top-7 common misconceptions about SQ 788

On Tuesday, Oklahomans will head to the polls and decide whether to approve the state’s first regulated and taxed medical-marijuana industry. Lawyers have no...
Brooke Newton

Brooke Newton ‘surrounded by love and kindness on her final flight...

With a Facebook post about their daughter's flag-draped casket shared more than 200,000 times, the Oklahoma City family of Brooke Newton has asked NonDoc to...

Intense Oklahoma road rage video shows gun, bikes, fight

(Update: On Tuesday, Sept. 19, NewsOK reported that three men in the video above have been charged with felonies for the road rage incident.) An Oklahoma...
Barry Switzer

Letter: Barry Switzer and his wife voting ‘No’ on SQ 777

To the editors: My passion for the gridiron is well known. What a lot of people don’t know about me is my love of animals. My...
American Rule

Editorial: Oklahoma kills ‘American Rule,’ no one notices

A widely popular bill expanding rights for child victims of sexual abuse was amended quietly in the Oklahoma Senate to eliminate an important legal tenet...
My family was too poor to afford deodorant

‘My family was too poor to afford deodorant’

TISHOMINGO, Oklahoma — Sweat stains darkened the fabric of my shirt, stretching from the seam of my sleeve down to my upper waist. A...
Live PDvideo

A&E’s ‘Live PD’: Like ‘Cops’ on steroids, but worse

A&E has aired a show called Live PD since October 2016. In it, viewers watch live as camera crews follow multiple police departments around...

CBD oil in Oklahoma: A growing cure despite stigma

No, this is not another story about Oklahoma's relationship with the oil and gas industry. A different kind of oil, CBD oil, has become...
Oklahoma's balance sheet

Psst! Do you want to find $1 billion for Oklahoma schools?

Oklahoma's Economic Development Generating Excellence (EDGE) committee was formed by former Gov. Brad Henry to come up with ideas for our state's government. In September 2003, I suggested to the...
Sam Ehlingervideo

Editorial: Ignoring Texas QB Sam Ehlinger’s head trauma

While the 2017 Red River Rivalry offered entertaining football, the handling of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger's frightening head injury should remind fans that collegiate...
Oilfield Prayer Day

Christian minister on Oilfield Prayer Day: ‘I just can’t’

Dear Gov. Mary Fallin, You have declared Oct. 13 to be Oilfield Prayer Day. You have invited us to, “thank God for the blessings created by the...