Sunday, November 27, 2022

Oklahoma Elections

Local elections matter. Even though we are all fatigued from Oklahoma’s 2022 election cycle, the state’s 2023 election calendar also bears watching.

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2022 Election Coverage

straight party voting

Straight party voting throws quite a rager in Oklahoma

Straight party voting is a feature of Oklahoma's electoral process that many people would like to see eliminated — many people who are not...
$1 billion bond package

Nearly $1 billion: OKCPS passes largest bond package in district history

On Tuesday, Oklahoma City Public Schools voters approved a nearly $1 billion bond package, a victory that district Superintendent Sean McDaniel said will be...
Ryan Walters

‘Won’t go woke’: Ryan Walters elected state superintendent in win for Stitt

After an unusually dramatic election cycle for a typically-down-ballot race, Republican candidate and Secretary of Education Ryan Walters will be Oklahoma's next State Superintendent...
Vicki Behenna elected

Vicki Behenna beats Kevin Calvey in hotly contested Oklahoma County DA race

Democrat Vicki Behenna defeated Republican Kevin Calvey in a hotly contested race for Oklahoma County district attorney Tuesday. Throughout her campaign, Behenna touted her credentials...
Kevin Stitt reelected

Encore: Kevin Stitt reelected governor of Oklahoma

Despite facing an opponent supported by tens of millions of dollars in dark-money political advertisements, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt decisively won a second term...
OK County

Myles Davidson wins OK County District 3, Carrie Blumert reelected in District 1

Republican Myles Davidson defeated Democrat Cathy Cummings in Tuesday's general election for the open Oklahoma County Commission District 3 seat. With about 93 percent of...
Republicans sweep Oklahoma

Republicans sweep Oklahoma’s federal races

Republicans will hold onto both of Oklahoma's U.S. Senate seats and all five congressional districts after an election in which all seven offices were...
Edmond ballot question

Understanding the convoluted Edmond ballot question

(Update: On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Edmond voters disapproved the ballot question, with 25,987 casting "No" and 11,458 casting "Yes" votes. The property in question...
I voted stickers

An ‘I voted’ sticker is the prize for enduring all these ads

So the big day — Election Day — is almost here. The suffering caused by the slog of constant political attack ads while trying to...
Markwayne Mullin and Kendra Horn

Markwayne Mullin and Kendra Horn compete to replace Inhofe in U.S. Senate race

Oklahomans are in the unusual position of deciding two U.S. Senate races this year owing to Sen. Jim Inhofe’s resignation after almost three decades...
Joy Hofmeister

Joy Hofmeister hammers voucher threat in rural Oklahoma

(Editor's note: This article chronicles recent campaign stops by Joy Hofmeister. A separate article from the same author chronicles recent campaign stops by Kevin...
Kevin Stitt

In rural Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt calls dark money attacks ‘unbelievable’

(Editor's note: This article chronicles recent campaign stops by Kevin Stitt. A separate article from the same author chronicles recent campaign stops by Joy...
Corporation Commission seat

Corporation Commission candidates disagree on utility securitization

University of Tulsa law professor and water and energy resources expert Warigia Bowman, Sen. Kim David (R-Porter) and independent Don Underwood are on the...
Oklahoma judicial races

Cheat sheet: Overviews of key Oklahoma judicial races

Voters will decide several key Oklahoma judicial races on Nov. 8, including whether to retain four of nine justices on the Oklahoma Supreme Court...
OKCPS bond

Pitched as ‘transformational,’ a $955 million OKCPS bond proposal faces opposition

On Nov. 8, voters within Oklahoma City Public Schools boundaries will determine the fate of a nearly $1 billion bond proposal, which would be...
Madison Horn, U.S. Senate

Lankford challenger Madison Horn aims to end Democrats’ U.S. Senate drought

While incumbent Republican Sen. James Lankford seems poised to win his second full term in the United States Senate, his opponent, Madison Horn, is...

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