Thursday, March 23, 2017


SD 44

After Shortey and Leftwich, SD 44 needs third-party hero

It now appears the citizens of Senate District 44 have a second-consecutive state senator on the wrong side of the law. State Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-OKC)...
price transparency

HB 2216 seeks elusive price transparency in health care

The trend for health care cost transparency seems to be growing as fast as health costs themselves. HB 2216, introduced by Rep. Sean Roberts (R-Tulsa)...
Get Outvideo

‘Get Out’ exemplifies the horror of benevolent racism

While chitchatting with an acquaintance about movies, we began discussing Jordan Peele’s history-making horror/social-commentary film, Get Out (see trailer above). My friend (who is a white...

‘Love God, and your neighbor’ (including LGBTQ ones)

Here we go again, Oklahoma. As the popular meme says, it’s been zero days since our last national embarrassment. Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-OKC) has made...

Indivisible Oklahoma forum responds to ‘Trumpism’

Following the election of President Donald Trump, Oklahoma's U.S. Senators James Lankford and Jim Inhofe earlier this year refused to hold traditional town hall meetings...
Trump voters

Letter: Calling all Trump voters for thoughts on budget

To the editors: The Trump budget includes $52.3 BILLION more for defense, even though the U.S. already spends much more than other countries on defense. Get...
Kevin Durant, Warriors have hurt feelings

Tiny violin: Kevin Durant, Warriors have hurt feelings

When Kevin Durant made his first visit back to Oklahoma City as a member of the Golden State Warriors on Feb. 11, some people...
Shortey scandal

Editorial: Shortey scandal highlights need for help

When a sitting state senator's secret and sordid sex life implodes on him, an American public already fed up with its political process gnashes...

Sundaze: Man wonders if there’s life after pizza

I've started a paleo diet, which among other things means no more pizza for me. But I love it so! How do I give it...
Sweet Home Oklahoma

Nichols Hills-billies shine in Sweet Home Oklahoma

I'm not typically one for reality TV shows, but I do like sharp-tongued, confident women. So it's little wonder that I took Bravo TV up...

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