Monday, March 18, 2019


SB 45

Editorial: SB 45 tried to address teacher sexual misconduct; it failed

Oklahoma has more than 500 independent school districts. If that seems like a lot, well, it is. Whatever action one district takes to address...
St. Patrick's Day makes no sense

Snakes to green beer: St. Patrick’s Day makes no sense

Exactly how we went from snakes being driven out of Ireland to green beer, I'm not sure. Frankly, St. Patrick's Day makes no sense....
OU tepee vandalism

What if social media captured 1994 OU tepee vandalism?

The spring air still felt a little like winter as five Indigenous students of the University of Oklahoma slept inside a tepee during the early...
legislative micromanagement

Legislative micromanagement hurts Oklahoma schools

“If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is no...
pregnant people

Pregnant people deserve trust in their decisions

Standing up for bodily autonomy is not extreme. Rather, it is imperative to liberty, freedom and dignity for all people who experience pregnancy. Year...
Save the Egg

‘Save the Egg,’ or else how will the aliens get home?

While not quite an extraterrestrial spacecraft, the First Christian Church located at Northwest 36th Street and North Walker Avenue has always had a "building...

Have you finished college, or has college finished you?

NAIROBI, Kenya — Hello, you look so beautiful with that square graduation cap on your head and that open gown over that blue dress....
report cards

New school report cards reveal ‘sad’ outcomes

The new Oklahoma school report cards reveal sad outcomes in urban schools, something high-stakes standardized testing and the first generation of primitive school grades have always...
minstrel show

Blending Colors: Recalling a 1963 minstrel show in OKC

My sisters teased their hair, painted their faces black, their lips white. Faces like a black and white television set; Millwood Junior High School, northeast Oklahoma City, 1963. I...
abortion absolutism

Abortion absolutism will cause more harm than good

"What has always made the state a hell on Earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven.” — Friederich Holderlin As...

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