Tuesday, August 21, 2018



Professor: My migration on immigration, Part 2

(Editor's note: This is the second in a three-part series detailing the influences that have shaped my changing perspective on the issue of immigration....
Oklahoma runoffs

Podcast: Running down the Aug. 28 Oklahoma runoffs

Polling ahead of Oklahoma runoffs can be extra tricky. Based on who voted in a primary election, questions abound about who might turn out...

Bon Appetit flabbergasted by Nonesuch in OKC

This past week, Bon Appetit Magazine named Nonesuch (you've heard of it, yes?) the best new restaurant in the country. Quite the honor, and...

Poetry: ‘Oppression, you are draped by indifference’

Generations: A Choice to Learn By James Coburn 1837 Oppression. The sun scorches, but there is no degradation of skin by the sun. Only men degrade skin hunting for pigment possession as they...

Future unclear in physician, patient relationships

World-famous historian Will Durant once wrote, “God never read the Declaration of Independence.” What Durant was referring to in the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson’s...
LeBron Jamesvideo

Who will be the LeBron James of Oklahoma’s education innovations?

In 1992, I began teaching alternative-school students at Willow View Mental Health System, and our model was as comprehensive as LeBron James’ new school,...

Rose State professor: My migration on immigration

When I ran for the Oklahoma State Senate in 2010, one of the big issues in the campaign was illegal immigration. My opponent in...
Meningitis Awareness Day

Vaccines protect children from deadly bacterial meningitis

(Correction: This commentary was updated at 2 p.m. Monday, Aug. 13, to note that Oklahoma does require the meningococcal conjugate vaccine for college entry. NonDoc...
DJ Durkinvideo

Editorial: DJ Durkin the latest zit in college football’s unethical acne

Spotlighted by a brutal ESPN report about the culture of his program, Maryland head football coach DJ Durkin is the latest example of why...
GOP governor debate

GOP governor debate yields questions, not answers

I wanted answers, you wanted answers. What we got were ... confusing statements. I should probably expect this sort of thing from an Oklahoma...

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