Monday, April 24, 2017


science march

March for Science: ‘Our priorities are so out of whack’

The first year I became a lawyer — some three decades ago now — I made more money than my late father had ever made in...
budget work

Editorial: ‘Useless acrimony’ obscures real #okleg budget work

It's that time of legislative session when action on the budget heats up and stress within the Oklahoma State Capitol causes hurt feelings, odd...
MAPS walk

Growing pains: MAPS 3 and walkability

Friday night, I was struck at how difficult walking around downtown OKC is at the present time. Project 180 and the streetcar were two of...
James Coburn

The Lie and two other poems from James Coburn

The Lie by James Coburn Red clashes. Silence ignores menace. Blood spatters Running down canvas About to fall flat. Dark angel sanctifies vainglorious Cause primed by humans. Portraits fall. Parasites swarm innocence. The last blink...
Innovation District

Placemaking crucial to success of Innovation District

A report on Oklahoma City's Innovation District released Tuesday by the Brookings Institute and Project for Public Spaces presents a doable vision the for northeast...

420: No longer just for stoners as weed politics grow

Merry Spliffmas and Happy Chronukah, y'all! Each year, April 20 stands as a sort of marijuana-appreciation day, mainly because the numerical date of 4-20 corresponds...
special elections

Five uses for $40k that are better than special elections

Oklahomans will be gifted the chance to send some new faces to the Capitol in some upcoming special elections. On one hand, I'm happy that garbage...
Okie Democrats

Letter: Okie Democrats do well once voters have facts

To the editors: If you’ve heard that the Oklahoma Democratic Party is on the way out in Oklahoma, let’s review Democrats’ success in special elections...

Editorial: How many third-graders would Jesus suspend?

Our Monday editorials are written on Sunday. Hence, this examination of SB 81 was crafted on Easter. That bill (embedded below), authored by Sen. Ron Sharp...
Starry Night

Poetry: Starry night of the great fire & The final seder

Starry Night of the Great Fire by Derek Geiger Chattel ride a ferrous horse Off to their ash-filled commune To forge axes for the norse As they march to...

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