Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Bacon 10-year challenge

Bacon takes the ’10-year challenge’

Ah, bacon as analogy for life. I can't think of anything more appropriate really, at least for my own personal experience. Maybe you've seen one...
Keeng Cutvideo

Keeng Cut brings the Tulsa Sound to hip hop

TULSA — In Tulsa’s expanding hip-hop scene, Keeng Cut is continuing a Tulsa Sound tradition of minimalist production and understated lyrics. That style propelled...

‘A real bonehead play’: GOP fumbles on Obamacare

In the early '60s, I was a struggling taxi-squad player on the University of Texas football team. Like many of my teammates, I hoped the...
Gaylord College

Gaylord College students on board for paid internships

When I attended the University of Oklahoma as a student of the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, my fellow students and I...

Slice of serendipity: NonDoc meet-cute leads to staff role

In 2015, I was waiting tables in the Paseo when Tres Savage and Josh McBee sat in my section. They were familiar faces and...

Oklahoma’s far-right accuses Rep. Kannady of ‘treason’

On the eve of the Nov. 6 election, the New York Times offered one of the best explanations for Oklahoma's Republican victories. Campbell Robertson...
murders of journalists

Editorial: Murders of journalists put newsrooms on edge

Call it paranoia or call it a shrewd safety precaution: American newsrooms are focusing more on security during a year that has seen violent...

Pump the rocket brakes on Oumuamua as proof of ET

The news has been a little slow on the ground lately, so let's turn our attention to the skies, shall we? Over the past two...
Tulsa Trump

Hard-nosed civic engagement will remedy ‘Tulsa Trump’

Sure, the recent midterm elections were a win for progressive, forward-thinking Americans. You voted. You posted pictures of yourselves with your “I Voted” stickers...
Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival

Photos: Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival turns 22

Founded by three-time national fiddle champion Byron Berline the 22nd annual iteration of the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival picked and grinned its way through Guthrie...

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