Sunday, June 24, 2018


SQ 788 laws

Lawyer lists top-7 common misconceptions about SQ 788

On Tuesday, Oklahomans will head to the polls and decide whether to approve the state’s first regulated and taxed medical-marijuana industry. Lawyers have no...
zipper merging

Zipper merging: The traffic trick most people get wrong

Because I know an article about zippers written by a geezer like me could be scary for some, let me assure you this has...
sewer rooster

Editorial: People far nicer in person than online

Around the NonDoc newsroom, we have a new term to describe people who spew negative rhetoric on social media at all hours of the...
Father's Day

Darth Dad wants help with chores this Father’s Day

I look back on my childhood fondly. Living carefree, enjoying the energy and wonder of the world, I took everything in with excitement. Times...

1970s teen: Ignore naysaying from Lankford & gray, old men

Oklahomans will soon have an opportunity to legalize medical marijuana by voting for State Question 788. This will allow us to have some of...
immigrant children

Book details struggles of immigrant children in OKCPS

One of the most inspiring things I’ve ever experienced was the opening reception for Diary of Some Webster Kids: Advocacy in Action on May...

deadCenter award winner ‘You People’ blazes socially conscious trail

deadCenter Film Festival has grown in the seven years since I last attended. So has the OKC metro area. Not in leaps and bounds,...
political middle

Oklahoma might be able to crawl to the political middle

Having lived in Los Angeles as an actor and assistant to a screenwriter and producer – and then having lived in southwest Kansas as a...

At summit, Trump stands above the Sea of Fog

I've heard the word "summit" more times this past week than in my entire lifetime combined. Between the G7 Summit and the upcoming North...
summer instructionvideo

Summer’s here, and the time is right for free summer instruction

As Oklahoma limps along as one of the poorest and poorest-educated states in the nation, the days get longer and the air gets hotter. Meanwhile,...

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