Friday, February 23, 2018


blacks in baseball

How to fix the falling participation of blacks in baseball

On Jan. 31, the Bricktown Rotary honored Clayton Kershaw of the L.A. Dodgers with their annual Warren Spahn award, named after an Oklahoman who was one...
Falls Creek rape

Beyond legalities in the Falls Creek rape case

(Correction: This piece was updated at 3:55 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22, to note that the attorney actions referenced in the civil case below were...
Florida school shooting

Florida school shooting: Make compassion our first response

Saturday morning I woke up and knew two things for sure: I felt angry, and I felt powerless. On Valentine’s Day, three days prior,...
shuffle onward

Editorial: Shuffle onward, Oklahoma

Oklahomans are good at making do with less than they would like to have. Call it a historical holdover seared into Okie genetics by the...
Gold Dome

OKC’s Gold Dome deserves a success story

I just want to take a moment to talk about how much I like the gold dome building on Northwest 23rd Street. What was once...
breath vs bullets

Breath vs Bullets: A poem for America

Breath vs Bullets by James Coburn Children breathe against a gunman their only defense. We breathe facing weapons — free to exhale smoke from pierced lungs. A gun is free to...
food bank

Letter: Will sell my spirit and soul for food

To the editors: Most Saturday mornings since last June, I've been going to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, a huge warehouse that collects enormous quantities...
OKCPS 2017 Statistical Abstract

OKCPS 2017 Statistical Abstract: Three takeaways

The OKCPS 2017 Statistical Abstract is out (and embedded at the end of this article). As we already knew, the state’s shift to higher standards produced a...

Letter: Oklahoma’s ‘disgraceful band of hypocrites’

To the editors: I couldn't agree more with Mr. Savage's Feb. 9 commentary regarding Oklahoma's congressional delegation. They are a disgraceful band of hypocrites touting family...
Norman roots

The NonDoc ‘Blame it all on our roots’ Norman party

While the NonDoc world headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, our roots trace back to Norman. Each of our co-owners met in Norman and...

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