Friday, October 19, 2018



Fast times at Gallogly U: It’s a university, not a business

FAIRFAX, Virginia — I have a confession to make: I don’t follow Oklahoma politics and events like some of my fellow ex-Okies do. Sure,...
Stitt and Edmondson

Stitt and Edmondson view Mary Fallin label as insult

When gubernatorial candidates are not raising money for campaign expenses and TV commercials, they visit different communities and recite stump speeches. Sometimes they appear with...
opportunity gaps

Data reveal opportunity gaps along demographic lines

In recent years, we have heard plenty of sad news about our home state. We learned in 2016 that life expectancies of poor Oklahomans...

Editorial: Gathering Place gun drama epitomizes politics

As the old saying goes, this is why we can't have nice things. Tulsa's massive, creative and game-changing new park — A Gathering Place —...
Walmart eye test

Value of Walmart eye test debated with SQ 793

While I don't think this is the kind of task a Walmart eye test would be include, I've become fairly interested in SQ 793 and...
people behind screens

Photo essay: A world of people behind screens

Whether you’re gaming, socializing or doing business, most online interactions let participants give only as much information as they are willing to disclose, pre-selected...
the first rule of health care

Challenges to the first rule of health care persist

This is the fourth effort in an ongoing serialization about how the collaboration of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and Chase Bank (which I refer to...

Letter: Kavanaugh hearings show flaw in branches of government

To the editors: The U.S. Constitution, that much valued paper used as a weapon of convenience to hit the opposing party with but not much...
OKC Indigenous Peoples Day

Editorial: Good to observe OKC Indigenous Peoples Day

Today is the first OKC Indigenous Peoples Day thanks to a proclamation from new Mayor David Holt. Holt and those who pushed for the re-designation...
Brian McCall lurking fundamentalist

OU College of Law’s Brian McCall another lurking fundamentalist

On Sept. 30, the OU Daily reported that University of Oklahoma law professor and associate dean Brian McCall argued in a 2014 book that,...

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