Friday, April 20, 2018



Five takeaways from the Oklahoma teacher walkout

In Oklahoma, West Virginia, Kentucky and other conservative states, teachers have led innovative forms of resistance. The following are the lessons I take from the...
Oklahoma wildfires

Scary spring: Oklahoma wildfires and the need for rain

I'm not sure how common large wildfires are in western Oklahoma, but I can't recall a time where Oklahoma City was so engulfed in...
Kevin Durantvideo

Satire: FBI arrests man trying to steal Kevin Durant’s talent

Just as the NBA Western Conference playoff picture begins to settle, FBI agents have arrested a man for conspiracy to steal Kevin Durant’s talent. A...

Commentary: Rep. Chuck Strohm calls for education reform, ignores facts

On April 5, Rep. Chuck Strohm used his blog to attack the Oklahoma Education Association and teachers who are currently seeking an increase in education...

Pastor offers prayer: ‘Your children are not well here’

As a pastor, I (along with our church, City Presbyterian) stand with teachers in Oklahoma. Yes, the Legislature passed some historic tax increases, but...
capital gains taxes

Capital gains taxes: The often-overlooked trade off

Late last week, as the Oklahoma Legislature passed additional funding measures for education, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) announced new demands, including the elimination...
capital gains

OCPA: Taxing capital gains will burden economy further

A capital gains tax is, above all, a tax on small businesses, on entrepreneurs, on capital generation, on private investment, on job creation and...
capital gains reform

Capital gains reform: An obvious solution to teacher walkout

A rallying cry for many of those who oppose raising revenue in Oklahoma to increase teacher pay and improve education funding has been that...
hitting the high notes

Hitting the high notes during #OklaEd Capitol rally

One of my favorite things to look for at rallies and protests is clever, well-made signs. Unsurprisingly, there have been many this past week...

Mayor’s Roundtable: Moral dilemmas, inequality pepper talks

The two best things about the latest Mayor’s Development Roundtable included: unexpected glimpses into today’s moral quandaries and an acknowledgment of the challenges of...

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