Saturday, October 19, 2019



Park opening could get extreme with release of scissortails

The schedule for the grand opening of Scissortail Park was released this past week, and I think it's safe to say we won't be...
privatization of the military

Seven concerning facts about privatization of the military

Do you really know what goes on in our country? Behind the scenes or at the boardroom table, there are active systems and negotiations...
Chicken War

Daddy, which side were you on in the Chicken War?

Ah yes, the great Chicken War of 2019. I remember it well...because it's still happening. Full disclosure: I have tried exactly zero of the...
John Marshall Middle School

Candor will help OKCPS after John Marshall Middle School fights

As the Oklahoma City Public School District deals with the high-profile student fights at John Marshall Middle School, the district should welcome an opportunity...
four years

It’s been four years and our scrapbook is full of gratitude

The start of September means school is fully back in session, football season is upon us and another Labor Day has been celebrated. For...
Sooners on Sunday

Rest or party? Sooners on Sunday a good conundrum

I know, I know: This comic is a "dad joke" if I've ever made one. I'm very confident, however, that there will be plenty of...
IRAP apprenticeship programs

Apprenticeship programs positive, need oversight

Registered apprenticeship programs lead to good-paying careers and a healthy economy. However, when apprenticeship programs are not regulated properly, those in charge could take...
Joy Hofmeister

Virtual learning oversight: ‘Riding a donkey into the space age’

Earlier this month, I met with three administrators at the Oklahoma State Department of Education  who have been wrestling with accountability issues for virtual...

Letter: Lawmaker should resign over DUI, calls

To the editors: On July 4, 2019, my parents were coming to spend the holiday with our family at my home. On the way, their...
school board members

School board members can access required trainings online for free

Did you know that all elected public school board members have had to attend either in-person workshops or watch online videos to receive credits...

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