Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Teacher says #MeToo: ‘I’m just going to start talking about it’

"I’m going to see who really cares. Copy, paste, and send this to 30 friends in the next 98 seconds or you’ll be sexually...

Jack Fowler: ‘NonDoc is exactly what we need right now’

The only thing more obnoxious than people yelling, "Fake news!" is the idea that some of the news we ingest on a daily basis...
Sam Ehlingervideo

Editorial: Ignoring Texas QB Sam Ehlinger’s head trauma

While the 2017 Red River Rivalry offered entertaining football, the handling of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger's frightening head injury should remind fans that collegiate...
quagmire of regrets

Quagmire of Regrets by James Osinachi Sunday

Quagmire of Regrets by James Osinachi Sunday Locked up in a cell, I took a long walk down memory lane, Reminiscing how I had spent my youthful days. Oh! What...

As much as the game, high school football’s atmosphere entertains

High school football has a long-standing history in Oklahoma, whether it is the dominance of the eastern part of the state in the largest...
education metricsvideo

Regardless of the education metrics, let’s move #oklaed forward

If Oklahoma adopted the metric system, there would be plenty of griping. For one, the highway markers would be changed from miles to kilometers....
Paul Scott

Sen. Paul Scott’s spiel unearths unique Thunder memorabilia

Oklahoma Sen. Paul Scott (R-Duncan) told his hometown paper Monday that he likes "free press." He had received some last week in a column...

OCPA’s references to Reagan ignore today’s realities

Recently, former Gov. Frank Keating, former Sen. Tom Coburn and former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Larry Parman penned a letter for the Oklahoma Council...

‘Sustained surge of water’: The basics of a hurricane

This year saw one of the costliest Atlantic hurricane seasons — both in dollars and lives — since accurate records of them were first...
Dr. Harvey Jenkins

Dr. Harvey Jenkins deserves his day in court

It’s a debate that has raged since mankind lived in caves and one that remains a daily topic of current radio and television talk programs:...

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