Monday, May 22, 2017



Sundaze: Sleep can be a dangerous activity

Along the journey through my early 30s, I've discovered a dangerous activity in which participation is not entirely voluntary. It's a subtle activity with little...

In Africa, children largely conform to parents’ religion

Ile-Ife, NIGERIA — It was the hour of prayer. I saw Muslim brothers and sisters rush for prayers. The males filed into the mosque after the...
Twitter accounts

Five Twitter accounts that make #okleg fun again

For my money, there's nothing that makes sense out of the Twittersphere better than a list. Making a list out of related Twitter accounts...
special interestsvideo

Welcome to Oklahoma, where special interests are No. 1

Imagine you’re driving across America on Interstate 40, or you’re on Interstate 35, and eventually you cross one of the borders into Oklahoma. A billboard...
blind Oklahomans

Letter: Fallin should veto bills that hurt blind Oklahomans

To the editors: Why are House and Senate legislators passing legislation that hurts blind Oklahomans — especially seniors? There is no reason to contract services...
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Oklahoma’s Poet Laureate, illuminates culture

After hearing Oklahoma's award-winning Poet Laureate Jeanetta Calhoun Mish speak in April at Full Circle Bookstore, I can’t wait to hear her speak Thursday at...
Charles McCall and Mike Schulz

Editorial: Fingers point at McCall, Schulz on budget

Two weeks ago, we published an editorial critiquing "useless acrimony" about Oklahoma state budget discussions. In it, GOP legislative leaders were noted for working hard...
Doomsday Clock

Sundaze: Give the Doomsday Clock its own TV show

I don't know much about the Doomsday Clock, other than that it gets moved every once in awhile and, we are supposed to do...
Daryl Ross Halencak

Daryl Ross Halencak poetry: ‘Sister Moon’ and ‘Private First Class’

Sister Moon by Daryl Ross Halencak Sister Moon and I look for nighttime shine, past the darkened clouds, over the rainbow, through the shadows. Will we gaze beyond the...

Aleppo: On worst times (poetry from Nepal)

Aleppo: On Worst Times By Bipin Khatiwada Old man Looks at houses. Tears stream from eyes, Beading dust where children played. He puts on glasses; Sees homes ravished, breaking hearts. Soldiers enter...

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