Friday, January 17, 2020


OU Board of Regents

OU Board of Regents could continue campus tour

From what I understand, the OU Board of Regents apparently likes a bit of privacy for its meetings, if it can be found on...
Oklahoma school report cards

Avoid overreaction to Oklahoma school report cards

The 2019 Oklahoma school report cards are in, and they bring bad news. Over time, I will be digging deeply into the numbers and...

‘Our nation is in grave danger’: Muellerbox offers free reports

To celebrate Independence Day this year, my family erected a Muellerbox to give away copies of the Mueller Report. I ordered a new mailbox...
Oklahoma sports betting

Editorial: Legalize sports betting? Then allow college athlete endorsements

Whenever Oklahoma's governor, Legislature and 30-plus tribal nations move beyond their talking points and truly negotiate the future of gambling in this state, the...

The Cybertruck: Weird, different and polarizing

Like many of the ideas that spring forth from the mind of Elon Musk, his new Cybertruck implies that some substances were involved in...
Oklahoma Constitution

Editorial: Stuffing stuff into the Oklahoma Constitution

Compared to its counterparts in most other states, the Oklahoma Constitution stands as a robust document. Its size, scope and guidelines are considered either...
OKC area code

Ask Ludacris for input on new OKC area code

I've been hearing rumblings for a while now about the addition of a new OKC area code, which is something I haven't thought about...
Tuscan laundromat

Of dogs and cheese in a Tuscan laundromat

PBS travel guru Rick Steves is a big influence on how I approach getting away from it all, even if I don't always agree...
DACA walkout

‘Home is here’: DACA walkout features love for Oklahoma

Given the criticism of immigrants these last few years, one might be surprised by the message Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals students are delivering...
The first rule of bureaucratic behavior

The first rule of bureaucratic behavior

Watching the current situation in the White House with whistleblowing and testimony under subpoena, I am distastefully reminded of the infighting that goes on...

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