Monday, July 23, 2018



The musical ‘Oklahoma!’ is still bogus after 75 years

The musical Oklahoma! opened on Broadway in 1943. Seventy-five years have passed, and Oklahomans are still much taken with the dear old thing. Richard Rodgers...
high price of oil

Editorial: High price of oil shapes Oklahoma political landscape

If you hadn't noticed the high price of oil right now — knock on wood — then you probably don't work in the petroleum...
Scott Pruitt climate has changed

Scott Pruitt’s climate has changed

I honestly didn't know much about Scott Pruitt when he was the attorney general of Oklahoma. I knew that many people didn't have the...
children's welfare

New study: Children’s welfare falling in Oklahoma

In 2012, Oklahoma’s overall children's welfare ranking was 40th in the nation. Two years ago, we were up to 37th. Last week, the Annie...

Oklahoma Teacher Retirement System puts Social Security to shame

TULSA — My primary productive activity these days is Uber driving for two grandchildren (for which I keep detailed accounts with the expectation of being...

Son Of a Bitch Everything’s Real: An acronym for hope

I had my first drink during the summer of 2006, following my freshman year of college. Before that, I had always been a shy, melancholy...
Kevin Durant Fourth of Julyvideo

Kevin Durant will always be our Fourth of July villain

Every hero needs a villain. If Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder and our state's pathologically self-loathing masses were a caped crusader, then baby-face-turned-heel Kevin...

Letter: Key reversals possible, unlikely on new SCOTUS

To the editors: For those who are concerned about SCOTUS and a possible reversal of the Obergefell and Windsor decisions recognizing marriage equality in MAGALand,...

Life in Trump’s shadow: From Pruitt to Pizzagate

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s almost unfathomable to watch it up close, the wholesale destruction of the bases of American political leadership. Here in Washington, however,...
Mary Fallin not high

Gov. Mary Fallin not high … on SQ 788 special session

Some might say they were spooked by the results of Tuesday's primaries. Others might say that a lot of political capital has been lost...

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