Friday, April 20, 2018



As walkout continues, consider all that teachers do

A few days ago, I was driving while listening to NPR. The Oklahoma Repetition News Network was reporting that the #OkLeg had just passed...
Quality Jobs Program

Editorial: Media must qualify for Quality Jobs Program

(Editor's note: Now that April 1, 2018, is behind us, it should be noted that this "editorial" was published as an April Fools Day...

Forget Facebook: Fake news still the biggest threat

Last week, it was Mark Zuckerberg's time in the barrel. Facebook and Co. are getting their social media comeuppance. Even super geek Elon Musk...
March for Our Livesvideo

Notes from last Saturday’s March for Our Lives

As was true with some 800 other protests across the nation – where hundreds of thousands of people joined the March for Our Lives – students led...
S. 2155

Letter: Reader responds to bank president on S. 2155

(Editor's note: The following letter is in response to one from Oklahoma Bankers Association president and CEO Roger Beverage, which we posted March 23....
HB 1011XX

HB 1011XX: What’s Dr. No hiding in his holiday home?

The Thinker’s attention was recently called to Monday's press release from the OCPA. In it, former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn fired a warning shot in...
SB 1140

Lawyer: SB 1140 discriminates against gay couples

Now that the Supreme Court has expressly ruled that a gay couple has a fundamental right to marry, those opposing such marriages are doing...
March For Our Lives

Kids these days: A March For Our Lives feature

The sight was something to behold: a two-mile-long line of people stretching across the three lanes of Lincoln Boulevard, en route to the Oklahoma...
death by asphyxiation

Letter: Death by asphyxiation immoral, inhumane

To the editors: Death by asphyxiation, the latest in a long list of bad ideas emanating from Oklahoma leadership, seeks to euthanize prisoners by nitrogen-induced...
5 percent GPT

Editorial: Would 5 percent GPT do the trick?

Today marks exactly one week before Oklahoma teachers are expected to walk out of their schools and flood the state Capitol unless lawmakers pass...

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