Friday, April 20, 2018


Facebook Cambridge Analytica

Amid Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook advertising seems creepier

Remember the good old days when your Facebook feed consisted of nothing but videos of cats and people insulting each other back and forth,...

From brain to bones, Oklahoma Capitol’s renovation impressive

More than I'd like to admit, covering the Oklahoma State Capitol can feel like banging your head against a wall. A week ago Friday, metaphor...
S. 2155video

Letter: Bankers’ association president responds to S. 2155 criticisms

To the editors: For purposes of debate, it might be helpful if Brian Beuchaw read the actual language of the bill rather than Sen. Elizabeth...
OSU's Big Data Conference

OSU’s Big Data Conference revealed glimpses of future

In his 2016 book The Rise and Fall of American Growth, economic historian Robert Gordon explains how the technology-driven, rapid economic growth from 1870 to 1970...
Trump's compulsive lyingvideo

Media exacerbate Donald Trump’s compulsive lying

Donald Trump is a compulsive liar, and we all know that. Now, he even admits it. Recently, Trump was recorded admitting that he lied to...
#OklaEd crisis

Letter: Conflicting editorials muddy #OklaEd insights

To the editors: Did anyone see Sunday's Oklahoman? There was a great story by Ben Felder on the front page, right alongside a front-page editorial...
Oklahoma education

A serious conversation about Oklahoma education

With a teachers’ strike now looming and a state Legislature that appears incapable of figuring out how to fund a teacher pay raise, perhaps...

Better ACEs research, terms lead to better solutions

There is a consistent pattern in the conferences sponsored by the Potts Family Foundation, such as its Raising Resilient Oklahomans! summit March 7 in Edmond. First,...

Fleeing Oklahoma, teachers could ‘Fall-in’ the Red River

The Red River Bridge Corporation wanted to keep profiting from a toll bridge that carried U.S. 75 and U.S. 69. In 1931, the Texas...

Letter: Details of federal bank bill ‘should be noted’

To the editors: Guy Sims conveniently leaves out the details of S.2155 in his commentary titled Dodd-Frank reform: Oklahoma bankers applaud Senate from March 15....

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