Monday, May 22, 2017


gross production tax

Gross production tax: Lies, damn lies and estimates

(Editor's note: Michael Clingman is the head of the Oklahoma Coalition for Workers Rights, which advertises with NonDoc.) As the state wrestles with one of...
health care

Health care lecturer: Free market would solve insurance issues

Health care finance is a hot-button topic these days. We have covered our fair share of the issue, from price transparency in the form...

Flashpoint, OkPolicy breakfast reveal budget solutions

During a budget-briefing breakfast hosted by Oklahoma Policy Institute on April 26, executive director David Blatt drew upon Bob Dylan’s saddest lyrics to warn...
Kate Barnard

Kate Barnard: An icon for Oklahoma progressives

I have found my silver lining! The dark cloud of election night and a Donald Trump presidency has lifted — or at least thinned. Nov. 9, 2016,...
Drag Variety Extravaganza

Drag Variety Extravaganza reinforces camaraderie

Drag culture exhibits its own traditions and expectations of both performers and spectators. There's a camaraderie among the performers that encourages sharing appearance and performance...
Trump's 100 days

Trump’s 100 days of environmental destruction

Imagine a leader who was ignorant of the fact that all wealth and prosperity ultimately comes from the Earth. Imagine a leader who chose to...

Sundaze: The actual cause of the Mandela Effect

I like to imagine something similar to this would be the actual cause of the "Mandela Effect." It's more fun to think about, and...

Honeyguise: ‘We never knew it would start with the bees’

(Editor’s note: Honeyguise is a short story from Oklahoma author Keith Gaddie.) We never knew it would start with the bees. We always took the honeybees for granted....

‘My father barely spoke a word’

Hank by James Coburn My father barely spoke a word. I heard him roll rubber bands down inky, dry newspapers;... saw him sip black coffee, while covered in wheat dust, pass...

Education is not and never has been a priority in Oklahoma

Fiscal issues necessitate budget cuts. Expenses exceed income, and something has to give. In Oklahoma's boom-and-bust economy, our politicians confront fiscal crises all too often....

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