Wednesday, June 28, 2017


teacher pay

Teacher pay: North Carolina & Oklahoma race to bottom

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — When I saw a news segment about a North Carolina school district looking to poach public school teachers from Oklahoma,...
teaching in Oklahoma

‘Teaching in Oklahoma is a dysfunctional relationship’

Following the absurd last week of the 2017 regular legislative session, Oklahoma made the front page of The Washington Post for gutting education funding...
health insurance

Editorial: Health insurance ‘uncertainty’ an understatement

America's problems with private health insurance are on full display in Oklahoma. The Affordable Care Act's rules preventing private health insurance plans from denying care...
deep dish pizza

One man’s pizza is another cat’s lasagna

I once took an "advanced drawing" class in art school where we discussed, and often challenged, the conventional ideas of what a drawing is...
Just for two

A New York kind of love poem: ‘Just for two’

Just for two by James Coburn Just for two this quiet morning avenue Last night New York City sang our song in midnight blue as we danced along Now Sunday morning...
Facebook boost

Political articles on Facebook: To boost or not to boost?

More than ever, the changing realities of online content distribution are putting journalism organizations under the gun. Primarily, I'm talking about the need for...
new OKCPS principals

Pick your battles: A letter to 7 new OKCPS principals

On Monday, The Oklahoman’s Tim Willert reported on the replacement of seven Oklahoma City Public Schools principals. The decisions will be controversial. In light of...
quiet crisis

Quiet crisis: Failure of American leadership poses risk

The United States faces a crisis of proportions not seen in many years — the difference is it has largely gone unnoticed amidst the noise...
lessons to live byvideo

Lessons to live by: Grad speeches apply to lawmakers

I had the pleasure of delivering two graduation speeches this year to high school students embarking on the next stage of their lives. The...
John Waters

John Waters shares This Filthy World at Momentum Ada

John Waters was exhausted when I crossed paths with him May 19 in the lobby of the Hampton Inn in Ada, Oklahoma. The legendary director...

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