Friday, April 3, 2020


liquor bicker

Oklahoma’s recent liquor bicker confusing, even sober

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court ruled this past week that SB 608 is unconstitutional. The outcome of this liquor bicker is as confusing to...
OKC MLK Day Parade

Capturing the emotion of a moment on MLK Day

Across the two lanes of Walker Avenue, four little boys sat on the curb looking intently toward the hill near Northwest 7th Street to...
road construction

Highway to the construction zone

Ah road construction. It's something I've dealt with my entire driving life, and it's not going to end anytime soon in Oklahoma City. The...
my opponent is my opponentvideo

‘My opponent is my opponent, not my enemy’

Americans are bracing for a fight — against ourselves. Regardless of how the upcoming #Election2020 political battles are fought, our democracy is in danger. American...
Action civics

Partisan takes won’t define nonpartisan Action Civics

(Editor's note: The following commentary appears in response to a commentary published by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs' Center for Independent Journalism criticizing...
Top Daug returns

All ears: OU basketball gets it right as Top Daug returns

It's finally happening: The return of the best mascot ever and all of his hype antics along with him. When Top Daug returns for...
Kevin Stitt, tribes, poker faces

Stitt, tribal leaders pack their poker faces for court

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and leaders of local tribal nations have played their high-stakes game to a virtual stalemate now, neither side abandoning their...
Faith and Freedom Coalition

Throw the Faith and Freedom Coalition out of the temple

Holy cow. First comes, Melania Trump stumping for POTUS, asking me to pledge support for his "policies" and wanting me to send cash to...
teacher complaints

OKCPS teacher complaints should be taken seriously

I’ve read school climate surveys and listened to teachers for decades. In my experience, most educators hold their frustration in — until they can’t...
Santa high in the sky of Oklahoma

Cookie mishap: Santa high in the sky of Oklahoma

Maybe Santa needs to relax a little, you know? He's got a busy schedule, and he's under a ton of pressure to get everything...

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