Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Mike Pence

Editorial: Mike Pence shows hypocrisy leaving NFL game

If Vice President Mike Pence had announced he left Sunday's NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts because the teams...
Hurricane Maria

Trump fadeaway jumper topples Hurricane Maria

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump made quite a few headlines on his recent visit to Puerto Rico. Chief among them: We...
epic limerick

Have you ever read an epic limerick before?

Epic limerick: Is not my word as a fire by Derek Geiger Ere the solstice time's portent Of this season's dread intent And the burden on the men To...
power of prayer

Letter: For Puerto Rico, ‘power of prayer’ inadequate

To the editors: Christianity has many sects — just like Islam, with its two well-known branches of Shia and Sunni (among other smaller sects) who war...
former inmates

Letter: Former inmates need a financial hand up

To the Editors: With so much attention, finally, on criminal justice reform, it is disheartening to realize little is being done for a recently released...

NAACP report has valuable charter lessons for OKCPS

Back when the Obama administration and the Billionaires Boys Club were subsidizing rapid charter expansion, their soundbite was that choice-driven and accountability-driven reform was...

Before demonizing opioids, know that pain is real

This has been a year of pain for a lot of people. No, I’m not talking about the emotional pain that comes with watching...
Nigerian independence

‘Laboratory of artificial insemination’: Nigerian independence celebrated

Ile-Ife, NIGERIA — Many years ago, the seeds of in(ter)dependence were planted. We had just been willed into existence from Lord Lugard and Shaw's...
budget negotiations

Editorial: Show people face-to-face budget negotiations

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, Oklahoma needs a visual essay on bipartisan budget negotiations worse than Twitter needs an edit button. As the...
Cuban attacks

Numerous potential explanations for ‘Cuban attacks’

This past week, we heard a bit more about the "attacks" on government employees in Cuba. Symptoms as a result of these attacks include...

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