(Mike Allen)

They are here, or at least that’s what we’ve been told. Aliens, yes those aliens, have supposedly visited Earth, crashed and were recovered by the United States government.

I feel like we’ve heard this before at some point, but my memory is cloudy. What never ceases to amaze me is how so many UFOs must be able to navigate space, time, radiation and numerous other hazards, but good ol’ planet Earth apparently trips them up and they end up crashing. We must be doing something wrong.

A congressional hearing this past week examined the claims of retired Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch, who has seemingly turned into a “whistleblower” on a Department of Defense program to examine UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomena, that was kept from Congress and the public.

The claims themselves ranged from vague sightings of football field-sized crafts, to the actual recovery and possession of “non-human biologics.” Nearly all of the knowledge Grusch put forth was second or third-hand, as he said he had interviewed more than 40 people with experience on the matter. Conveniently lacking in all of this was any actual evidence to substantiate the claims, so if you want to believe, go right ahead, I say! However, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and we’re left with little to go on in this instance.

Was this a fun hearing to watch? Judging from the countless memes it has spawned, I think the answer is “yes” from the public’s perspective. Is it the Earth-shattering news mankind has been anticipating for decades? Not really.

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