ugly season
(Mike Allen)

When we typically think of the fall season, images of trees in blazing colors and the smell of pumpkin spice come to mind. Beautiful right?

Well, the year 2022 is here to ruin your fun, because we are now entering the ugly part of the election cycle. To make matters worse, if you are a Sooner fan, you have an incredibly ugly season of football to watch.

It’s convenient, then, that you can consume both at the same time on network television every Saturday, although these two things make me want to turn my TV off. The mudslinging political ads pop up at random commercial breaks, and they are not the most welcoming messages to see after an opposing quarterback has fired a pass over the OU defense. Perhaps the upcoming weeks will get better for the football team, but the ugly season of campaigning will only get worse before Nov. 8, with more campaigns turning negative as polls tighten.

Mercifully, it appears both of these seasons will be over in a month. Until then, it’s going to be a slog.

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