Epic affidavit
(Mike Allen)

So the hammer finally dropped on Epic Charter Schools this past Thursday, with charges filed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater and arrests made of founders Ben Harris and David Chaney, along with their former chief financial officer Josh Brock.

Not surprisingly — and significantly news-worthy at the same time — this story that has been developing for the better part of a decade. This latest chapter comes in the form of a 59-page charging document, which includes a lengthy and epic affidavit that outlines the “complicated criminal enterprise” that resulted in Harris, Chaney and Brock facing 11 charges each. Broadly speaking, the trio is charged with a conspiracy that embezzled state funds through a complex scheme involving for-profit and nonprofit entities. Epic indeed.

Prater, of course, has been busy. He is still prosecuting a sitting state legislator, and he has other key charging decisions to make in other cases. Will the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation conclude its inquiry on Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Kitchen problems before Prater leaves office around the end of the year? Who knows. But as we wait to find out, the Epic affidavit makes for some light reading over a nice barbecue lunch.

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