OU will have a new football coach soon
(Mike Allen)

You may have heard: The University of Oklahoma football team needs a new head coach. Breaking news, I know, but it’s been a big deal for the past week. On social media, people have been reacting in all sorts of outlandish ways, and various theories and predictions range from the reasonable to the absurd.

Beyond just the OU fanbase and the athletic program, the hiring of the state’s highest-paid employee garners quite a bit of interest simply due to the nature, and stature, of the position. In short, many people are asking: “Who will it be?”

As I type this, the answer to that question remains almost as big of a mystery as when news broke that Lincoln Riley was leaving for the University of Southern California last Sunday. University of Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione notoriously keeps things close to the vest (usually a nice crimson-colored one). So far, no major indication has emerged as to which direction he’s leaning to find a replacement. It seems OU will have a new football coach soon, however, as interim head coach Bob Stoops has stated that he thinks someone will be announced this weekend, or “maybe Monday.”

It’s difficult to tell at this point whether the mood from fans is a slow swelling of excitement or incredible fatigue from the process, but it sounds like OU will have a new football coach soon. At that point, we can all get back to talking about “next year” and how we will be upset if the team does not go undefeated.

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