(Mike Allen)

What will it take? If the news of Oklahoma City’s larger-than-expected population gain on the latest U.S. census can’t bring an In-N-Out Burger franchise here, what do we need to do? OKC is already a haven for just about every other fast food restaurant, and now it appears we have many more mouths (read: customers) than market analysts previously thought.

Speaking of “in and out,” it’s interesting to look at the county maps of population change over the past decade. Rural areas are rapidly shrinking in population, which is not shocking. But it is fascinating to look at the major cities and how they are changing — or aren’t changing. Population numbers are stagnant at best in the largest cities, while many mid-size metros (OKC included) seem to be capturing most of the movers.

Anecdotally, I have noticed over the past 10 to 15 years that the amount of patrons at OKC bars has increased greatly. The bar patron population has spiked so much so that I don’t frequent many of the places I used to. I came to the conclusion that either there was a local baby boom in the 1990s or that our metro area has seen a sizable in-migration of families and young people. The census data tells me it’s likely the latter. Cheers to a growing city and, overall, state.

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