Keanu Reeves
(Mike Allen)

Ah yes, spring. The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and Keanu Reeves is enjoying an ice cream cone as he strolls through OKC’s Plaza District. You know, typical things for this time of year.

Seeing Keanu Reeves in OKC is one of those random things that pops up in your social media feeds, and like with many items that are posted on those platforms, I was immediately skeptical.

It certainly is weird to see Ted “Theodore” Logan and/or Mr. John Wick himself in this part of the world, but here we are. It makes me wonder just how many films are shot in Oklahoma that we never hear about, and perhaps maybe we have a healthier film industry in the state than I would have guessed. Whatever the case, it was cool to see Keanu Reeves enjoying himself, and it’s just another nice thing 2021 has brought us.

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