rolling blackouts
(Mike Allen)

When I received an email from OG&E this past week urging me and everyone else to conserve electricity, I almost started laughing.

The email was funny for two reasons. First, given what everyone in the OKC metro area went through after storms last summer and then again with the fall ice storm, OG&E once again has unhappy customers and appears sometimes unprepared for an event of nature. I could just hear the rancor bubbling up on social media as I read each line. Sure, lots of factors led to rolling blackouts across the Southwest Power Pool, but customers immediately blamed the company they pay for electricity.

Second, what were people supposed to do? My thermostat was already set at about 68 during the winter, the recommended temperature from the email. But of course my heater was cranking all day and night because, you know, it’s -12 degrees outside. Besides that, I can think of many places in the metro that guzzle more power in one day than homes do in a whole year — places that were nearly empty all week owing to the massive snow storms.

There was a similarly confusing and possibly humorous message sent out from OKC Mayor David Holt midweek about water usage being high. I really couldn’t tell if it was a call to conserve water, keep dripping faucets, or just updating everyone on why there’s no water pressure in our showers. Personally, I had a weird situation where my dripping faucet actually froze my drain, so I ended up with a sink full of water. That’s a first.

I don’t really know what to feel about how this past week was handled by our state, our cities and our power companies. This was seemingly a once-in-a-blue-moon situation with a lot of moving parts, so what are the expectations going forward? With two crazy winter weather events happening within a few months of each other, perhaps it’s reasonable to want an update to our energy infrastructure. I’m sure we’ll all think on this subject for a little while, return our thermostats to 72, then it will be promptly forgotten.

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