Kevin Stitt quarantine
(Mike Allen)

I have questions. This past week, we found out that Gov. Kevin Stitt tested positive for COVID-19, which made national headlines. This probably wasn’t what the governor had in mind when he wanted to make Oklahoma a “top-10 state,” but life happens, you know?

My first question while thinking about the Stitt quarantine is simple: How is he doing health-wise? I think this is an important question to ask for a couple of reasons. No one in this state should want to see physical harm come to the guy, even if they disagree with him politically or for some other policy-related reasons. And speaking of policy, his personal experience with the novel coronavirus may shape his policies going forward, as weird as that is to say. (Stitt released a video Saturday saying that he feels “100 percent.”)

My second question is a little more fun: What is the governor doing to pass the time during his quarantine? Surely he has hobbies, but when you’re suddenly confined with what you have lying around, what do you do? I’d like to think he still has an old Nintendo tucked away in his living room, with Tecmo Super Bowl still in the tray. I mean, who didn’t play that back in the day? I’m sure he remembers that Bo Jackson was unstoppable in that game, as he was in real life. Lesser known among Tecmo players was that Lawrence Taylor dominated just as much, but on defense. (If anyone wants to play the classic Tecmo Super Bowl game online, an emulator exists here.)

COVID-19 seems unstoppable at this point, but perhaps we can start playing a little defense of our own. What kind of perspective will be gained for the governor over the next couple of weeks? I await the answer to that question.

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