The Easter bunny is an essential worker
(Mike Allen)

A big shout out to all the essential workers doing their thing right now. I know working through a pandemic isn’t a situation people are totally comfortable with, so I just want to say thanks.

In what seems like a weird irony, the 24-hour news cycle and all of the data available on the internet — generally good sources of information — don’t paint a clear picture of when things will be able to return to normal. Of course, there is a chance that “normal” will mean something entirely different going forward.

Today is Easter Sunday, and it will be the latest example of how things have changed. Millions of Americans are planning to “go” to church online today, and community Easter egg hunts have been cancelled. Still, the Easter bunny is an essential worker for parents who need their kids occupied for a couple hours. This year’s process might just have to be different: wiping down eggs before opening them, leaving them on the doorstep, no traipsing through yards and houses. It will just be a sign of the times and another changing behavior as a result of the virus.

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