imagine that
(Mike Allen)

You may have noticed the new Oklahoma brand, logo and “imagine that” slogan this past week. What’s that, you say? You didn’t know Oklahoma had a brand or a slogan to begin with? Well, me either. In fact, I was under the impression — my entire life — that this was the function of the state flag and state motto.

Let’s dive in a bit here. Oklahoma’s new logo, while nicely designed and seemingly filled with symbolism, looks like something made for an energy company. Perhaps there’s some subtle meaning there, who knows? Oddly, the one thing that really bothers me about the logo is the letter “K” in “Oklahoma” at the bottom. I feel a weird anxiety seeing it (literally) stick out like that.

As for the slogan “imagine that” … I don’t get it. As in, I don’t get what message it’s trying to convey. My first thought was almost exactly like the comic above, and talking to other people about it I found that I’m not alone. If we, as Oklahomans, are confused, then I can’t imagine what it projects to an out-of-stater looking to vacation here. So the new brand’s slogan isn’t a negative overall, but perhaps it fails in it’s function of delivering a clear, concise message about our state.

I’ve seen many hot takes on this rebrand, and while I don’t share the negative opinions, I’m not super into our new brand either. Of course, I’m sure we’re all thinking way too much about it, and it won’t matter in a month or two. At least it’s not the 2019 South Dakota ad campaign of Meth: We’re on it.

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