(Mike Allen)

It’s happened to all of us. You’re searching for a new vacuum cleaner online, and the moment after you press “enter” to search for it, you are bombarded with ads for vacuum and vacuum accessories on just about every other website you visit.

That’s the ever-present and oft-maligned “algorithm” of targeted ads for you. I don’t believe they (algorithms) were developed for any sort of “good” purpose — thus the mad scientist in the comic above — but I do think they occasionally get some things right. For example, any music streaming service uses an algorithm to introduce you to new music. It seems that more people find this useful than not.

But alas, that’s about it for positives. The Google algorithm seems to be single-handedly responsible for the bad rap that company gets. Oh, you were curious about a weird anime show you saw on someones T-shirt? Well now you better clear your browser history because you will see nothing but that show for the next month!

The moral of the story here is: be careful what you search for… or familiarize yourself with the Google Chrome “incognito window.”

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