Are your pets sick of you yet?
(Mike Allen)

During this time of prolonged quarantine that many of us are facing, an important question to ask is: Are your pets sick of you yet? Perhaps the newness of you being home has worn off, and now you’re just interrupting your pet’s daily routine. Maybe there was a work/play balance they had achieved over time that was good for their overall mental well-being. Or maybe none of that at all.

Grocery stores seem to have calmed a bit from just a couple weeks ago. Many of the hoarders are gone — which makes a little sense given that they bought enough of everything for a month or more — and most of the items are stocked. With gradual restrictions coming into play going forward, it’s looking like many will have to figure out a new normal for shopping behavior, as well as a strong increase in hygienic practices (wipe down your groceries!)

But every time you head to the store in this new world where your pets are seeing more of you, remember one thing: Don’t forget the treats.

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