Mike Gundy
(Mike Allen)

If there’s one thing Mike Gundy should understand with his career as the head coach of the Oklahoma State football program, it’s T-shirts. His time there has been bizarrely connected to them. From several years ago when he allegedly fired a contractor for wearing an OU shirt while working on his house, to taking off his shirt at a pep rally, to now coming under fire from his own players — including star running back Chuba Hubbard — for wearing an OAN shirt, let’s just say he’s familiar with the subject at this point.

To think that all of these instances sound weird is to not understand the brand that Gundy has made for himself over the past 15 years, and this latest controversy is very on-brand. At his spring press conference — about college football — Gundy praised the far-right One America News Network for their “unbiased” news coverage, completely unprompted. Bringing up the network in front of sports reporters could seem like strange behavior to some, but the guy has rocked a mullet for years and has talked about hunting turtles, so maybe this isn’t too unexpected?

What should be of more concern to Gundy and the university is that all eyes are (rightfully) on the controversial coach. Some current and former players have tweeted their desire for “change” within the OSU football program, and many have supported Hubbard’s initial tweet that drew the situation national attention. Subsequently, a story resurfaced about the time Gundy was accused of directing a racial slur at a Colorado player during a game in 1989.

Overall, there seems to be an underlying problem that some players have with Mike Gundy, and the OAN shirt was a catalyst for the outcry. At present, these issues are apparently being handled internally, and it’s unclear whether the public will get a glimpse of any changes made in the future. Hopefully the change is more than a T-shirt.

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