alcohol kills COVID-19
(Mike Allen)

You may have seen some long lines surrounding certain businesses the past couple of days. In the “before pandemic” or “BP” age, these establishments were known as “bars” where people of all ages — but mostly younger people — would gather to socialize in very close proximity to each other. As we move into phase two of the state’s plan to open everything back up, bars are allowed to be in operation once more, and large crowds of people along with them. Actually, I’m not sure if those crowds are allowed in OKC, but hey, who’s counting and measuring?

Not all bars are opening of course, and the places I like to frequent seem to be holding off at least a little while longer. But some places are opening, and the young-seeming crowded scenes receiving social media attention have got me thinking about which bars are opening and which people are going out. I don’t mean to say any bar owners or any age groups care less about what is going on or about the well being of others. But perhaps young bar crowds are a little less cautious in general and that is informing people’s actions now.

I fully admit that when I was a little younger, I would have probably had a less cautious mentality. There’s an old adage about age and wisdom, and perhaps there’s a learning experience to be had here. I just hope it’s not at the expense of the health of other people.

This doesn’t count as an “old man yells at cloud” sentiment, does it?

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