proverbial pizza
(Mike Allen)

I admit that looking through spreadsheets isn’t exactly my definition of a good time, but browsing the list of Oklahoma businesses that received federal money from the Paycheck Protection Program was more interesting than most Excel documents. All types of businesses are on there, small and large. It makes sense for many of them to be asking for a forgivable loan. Others seem … questionable.

It’s a confusing time for most industries and their workers, so applying for this loan is understandable on the surface. Plus, PPP money was intended to keep jobs from disappearing and entities from going under. Still, the list begs a question: Are some trying to game the system? Perhaps. There were several large, national brands who were publicly called out for receiving money, and many subsequently gave it back. I’m not sure if any of the Oklahoma entities on this PPP spreadsheet are big enough to warrant national criticism, but what do we think locally? Mega churches, casinos and fast food chains — are they OK? Given the point we’re at with COVID-19, will it matter in six months?

I tend to think we’re still in a confusing time for employers — no word if Mazzio’s has retained the jobs of the Meat Grinder and the Quesapizza Girl — but as long as we can keep the proverbial pizza cooking, we may make it through this. Just lay off the buffet, for now.

Pizza PPP-pizza, huh huh huh huh huh

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