Disney bubble
(Mike Allen)

Let’s be honest. Of all the Disney characters, Goofy would be the most likely to get dunked on in a basketball game, right? We are fairly close to that exact scenario given that the NBA is starting back up in Orlando at Disney World in a “bubble” of sorts. Only the players, team staff and a few reporters are allowed in — the idea being that a virus-free environment can be achieved for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season. It’s not a bad idea on how to play out a season of team sports during a pandemic — something a lot of us can appreciate — and I personally hope they will be able to finish without incident.

While we’re on this topic, however, I’ve been trying to figure out which five classic Disney characters would make up a starting lineup for a basketball team. Mickey Mouse is the obvious choice at point guard, and I could see him being a classic pass-first type floor general like Chris Paul. The two-guard is a little bit tough, but I think Donald Duck works here. He seems like he would be a scrappy Gary Payton type, but he has some Metta World Peace tendencies, too. At the wing, we have a choice to make. If we want to play small ball, Minnie Mouse would be a good fit. She seems quick and likely to be a good three-point shooter who would stretch a defense. If we wanted some length here, Pluto could be our guy…er…dog. Can he play, though? I’ve never been sure how the character Pluto works to be honest. Next up is the power forward position, where a strong rebounder and an enforcer on defense when you need it is probably what you’re looking for in this lineup. I can’t think of a better character for this than Pete, the classic antagonist. I could see him as a Bill Laimbeer type, but the coach may have to keep him in check. Lastly, we have at the center position our tallest character, Goofy. He’s a little clumsy, but I see him having good fundamentals like Tim Duncan while crashing the offensive boards like Enes Kanter.

What do you think? How could our Disney roster be improved in a way that would lead this team to a championship? And speaking of which, I hope this reset of the season somehow benefits the Oklahoma City Thunder and they make a surprise playoff run in the Disney bubble. What’s that song about wishing upon a star?

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