(Mike Allen)

Where do we Q from here? The broad question about the Q Anon movement has been asked by many recently, but with Joe Biden’s inauguration this past week, the foundation of the conspiracy theory has been knocked out from under its followers.

If you recall (and you probably shouldn’t, really) Donald Trump being president was sort of the crux of the theory — its raison d’etre. Now that he’s in Florida, presumably playing golf, there just isn’t a lot of swamp draining or deep-state-defeating going on in Washington, D.C. anymore. I say that in jest, of course, but to a not-so-insignificant group of people, this is their reality now.

I’ve taken on the unfortunate (or maybe fortunate?) NonDoc beat of covering this conspiracy theory for years now, and while it makes for great cartoon material, it has also provided me with insight into a part of society I don’t interact with much. Reading articles and watching videos on the subject has been… enlightening in ways. But at the same time, it has left me feeling concerned for the future.

When I look at Q followers, I see a group of people who don’t have a lot of history with civic engagement and often not a lot of history with social interaction either. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that, to a lot of people involved with it, Q Anon has almost been like an adventure game they’re playing, or LARP. When the things Q promised would happen didn’t end up happening time and time again, many in this group were predictably upset. The reality, of course, is that politics don’t work that way.

So, where does this go from here? At this point in time, Q has not posted anything in months, leaving their followers to float aimlessly about the internet searching for answers. Many seem likely to disengage with the civic process without a solid network holding them together. My personal hope is that some of these people find positive things in their daily lives to latch onto and go from there. Time will tell.

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