arts and crafts
(Mike Allen)

The school years is approaching for many children in the state of Oklahoma and around the country, but with a pandemic still among us, what exactly will that look like? There have been several half-solutions proposed, and with state leadership leaving it up to local school districts to formulate a plan, half-solutions may seem like the best option at the moment. To say it’s a complicated problem would be a bit of an understatement, and someone with children could explain the issues better than I can in a short blurb here. But in short: We’re in trouble.

Making masks in school as part of arts and crafts is the joke I’ve chosen to go with this week, but it might not be the worst way to get kids interested in wearing one. I realize keeping masks on is a different challenge, but if they are something students have worked on, maybe there would be an attachment that otherwise wouldn’t be present with a generic piece of fabric over their faces. Maybe it’s the creative in me speaking, but if I were a kid and I were able to make a mask that looks like my favorite cartoon or video game character, I’d probably want to wear that everyday. At least for a while.

Like many things with this virus, we keep telling ourselves that this is a temporary situation, and perhaps it really can be, but we’re going to have to start thinking outside the box a little bit as we send a large portion of our population — a portion that has for the most part been isolated since March — back into public. There are some smart people working on it, and I hope their voices are the ones we hear.

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