more mosquitos
(Mike Allen)

You may have recently noticed that a few new neighbors have moved into the area, and they are hungry. No, they’re not the kind that frequent local businesses or pay any kind of HOA fee. Rather, these folks only bring destruction… of your skin.

Scientists are reporting an increase in mosquito populations this year, and not just in Oklahoma. It seems much of the country is dealing with the same thing. The reason for more mosquitoes? Lots and lots of rainfall, which leads to standing water. Just like that, the floodwater mosquito population moves in.

Anecdotally, I have encountered exactly two mosquitoes this calendar year, so maybe I have been lucky. Perhaps I need to frolic in stagnant water a bit more. When I really think about it, however, I have honestly seen far fewer insects overall than in other years, which is strange to say the least. I’m developing a theory — as I type this — that the extreme cold temperatures back in February killed off a lot of the critters that would otherwise be invading my space. More data is needed, but with rain continuing to be forecasted, time will tell if I eventually see more mosquitos in my neighborhood.

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