gold dome
(Mike Allen)

I‘m always in for some good ol’ historic preservation and readaptation of buildings, so when initial plans were revealed this past week for a potential sale and renovation of the Gold Dome at Northwest 23rd Street and Classen Boulevard in OKC, I and many others jumped for joy.

The renderings in this announcement show a plan to convert the old bank building into a live music venue, with an outdoor structure added as a patio. But OKC Talk reported that the sale and renovation have not been finalized and that — wait for it — taxpayer money may be required.

“Our sources tell us the sale and renovation are contingent on obtaining financing and possible government subsidies,” the authorless website post said.

If the project does move forward, I am assuming the roof of the Gold Dome would get a shiny new coat of paint as well. So, just to be clear, I’d probably be OK with the premise presented in the comic above.

A venue like this in the Gold Dome would be welcome news in OKC. I’ve noted before that the music scene, as well as the venues, have come a long way in the past decade, and I have said the Gold Dome deserves a success story. Adding the Gold Dome as another destination for concerts would increase the city’s profile for national acts, and the venue would still be small enough to host some larger local shows. I see it as a win all around… if it happens.

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