Lon Kruger, Sherri Coale
(Mike Allen)

So Lon Kruger is out as head coach of the OU men’s basketball team. His retirement comes on the heels of OU women’s basketball head coach Sherri Coale announcing her retirement earlier this month.

There are two great careers to talk about here, but I feel like people locally aren’t hearing much about them. Yes, there have been statements released by many people, and of course there were a couple of days of sports talk radio that brushed on the subject, but the vibe generally seems to be one of underrating what the job both these coaches did in their time with the university.

Coale was coach of the women’s team for 25 years with a solid record to show for it. She had a particularly good stretch in the 2000’s, going to the National Championship game in 2002 and winning the Big 12 conference six times during the decade. This era put OU women’s basketball on the map, although Coale’s program faded in recent years, and she apologized in 2020 for former players’ statements that her program was racially insensitive.

Kruger was already a well-known coach when he was hired in 2011, having coached four other teams to the NCAA tournament in his career. His success at Oklahoma peaked in 2016 when he took the men’s team to the Final Four, losing to eventual champ Villanova.

Both did a fantastic job of putting Oklahoma’s basketball programs in the national spotlight at what is considered by many to be a “football” school, which is no small feat. Despite the punchline in the comic, I have no doubt that people within the university’s athletic department have a lot of respect for both coaches, and I hope the fans do, too. Here’s to a well-earned rest after a couple of long and great careers.

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