the COVID 19
(Mike Allen)

A return to the office, and a return to normalcy…sort of. It’s a tough thing, really, for your job to ask you to break your everyday routine just so you can stay at home, then inevitably ask you to break your new routine to come back a year later. This is the current situation for many people across the state, and it’s just another step on the road to returning to what once was.

As one would imagine, working from home — and the confined, sedentary lifestyle that is developed along the way — creates problems. For some “the COVID 19” meant something a little different this past year, so to speak. A study of the topic found that 40 percent of Americans have gained undesired weight during the pandemic. This is a problem that can only be remedied by healthy and active habits, you know, like the good ol’ days.

The future is looking bright, however, as vaccinations continue to roll on, and case counts continue to decline week over week. Getting back out of the house will soon seem, well, normal again, especially with the warm months coming up. With a little work, everyone can lose the COVID 19 and those office clothes will magically grow back to their original size.

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