new congressional map
(Mike Allen)

That’s a hurricane above OKC. Or wait, maybe it’s the Coriolis Effect? Nope. After looking closely, it’s actually the proposed Oklahoma congressional map that was released this past week.

When compared with the current map, there is a bizarre-looking twist of several districts right on top of the OKC metro. Are the voters from these districts moving in a counter-clockwise direction around the city and its suburbs? Is this an homage to Oklahoma’s penchant for severe weather?

In all seriousness, rounder districts apparently receive higher “compactness” scores, which is supposed to be good. Republican legislative leaders are touting the rounder 1st Congressional District in the Tulsa area and the rounder 5th Congressional District in the metro. But Democratic leaders are frustrated that southwest Oklahoma City was sliced into the expansive 3rd Congressional District, while other communities were added to round out CD 5 to the north and east.

For the average voter like me, the redistricting process is probably more complex than I’ll ever understand, and it’s unlikely that we will ever get much clarity beyond the talking points already out there.

Sometimes abstract art simply can’t be understood, you know?

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