(Mike Allen)

Another week, another chapter in the future book that will be written about this time in our state.

COVID-19 cases are surging, you may have heard, and our hospitals are filling up to capacity. To make matters worse than at any point during the pandemic, hospital workers are in short supply, stressing the health care system even further.

Gov. Kevin Stitt spoke out this past week after a long period of silence. He had fire and brimstone in his words. It was an impassioned speech we rarely get from him; one that you would expect of an elected leader tackling the pressing issues affecting our state. Except this public address was about … Afghanistan. To borrow a meme phrase, “Wut?”

I have a feeling Stitt will eventually come back around to talking about what’s happening, you know, here in Oklahoma with COVID-19, and our old friend “Personal Responsibility” will make a return. You probably remember him as a catchphrase often employed last year by Stitt, but one that was rarely put into practice by a sizable chunk of the state’s population. It never made much sense as life advice in the first place, but at least it seemed like the governor was trying.

Will the message of personal responsibility break through this time? It likely won’t, but it’s probably better for leadership to show they have been paying attention rather than doing whatever it is they’ve been doing for the last month and a half. I would take any progress at this point.

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