(Mike Allen)

Why does Tulsa have two Whole Foods stores anyway, while Oklahoma City only has one? Perhaps the answer lies in the aisles of a clean gas station. That’s right, QuikTrip reportedly has plans to move into the Oklahoma City market after years of expansion in every other direction. If you didn’t already think things were looking up for OKC, this could potentially change your mind.

There is an oft-repeated urban legend that says there was a gentleman’s agreement between the local 7-11 ownership and QuikTrip, where the latter would not open store’s in the OKC market, and vice-versa. Recently, all of the independent 7-11 stores in the metro sold to corporate ownership, so perhaps that gentleman’s agreement is null? Either way, here we are. Count this among many other Tulsa businesses to make their way down the turnpike.

QuikTrip coming to OKC seems like nothing but a win for consumers in the area. Oncue and 7-11 — the two dominant convenience store brands here — have been in an arms race as of late, with each providing better and cleaner stores as they build them. QT moving in seems likely to continue this trend and perhaps expand it to include better wages and benefits for convenience store employees. The company’s commitment to quality customer service means everyday people will be winning, so bring on the heat-lamp hotdogs and other dining delicacies.

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