Tom Brady
(Mike Allen)

If you believe ESPN, Tom Brady is reportedly preparing to retire from professional football. Or, if you believe the Associated Press, Tom Brady has not made his final decision.

It’s not exactly clear on what the situation is at the moment — thanks sports journalists with competing anonymous sources — but it seems quite possible that the 44-year-old quarterback my be hanging it up in the near future.

Brady will go down as the most decorated and accomplished football player to ever have played the game: the GOAT if you will. That term (or acronym for Greatest Of All Time) gets thrown around quite a lot in today’s sports world, but it really does apply here. There has never been any equivalent to Brady’s career. The sustained level of success that he had for so long is something rarely seen even outside of the sports world. The statistics are listed just about everywhere his name is printed, so I don’t need to type them here, but I think it’s safe to say we won’t see anything like it again in any of our lifetimes. Love him or hate him, I think all of our caps are tipped to Tom Brady at this point.

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