David Holt reelection
(Mike Allen)

While I have never personally seen him surfing the OKC streetcar, newly reelected Mayor David Holt can be seen riding it on the inside from time to time. Given that OKC has a weak-mayor form of city government, that’s probably the sort of thing most people would expect from someone in Holt’s position: promoting and making use of the city’s amenities. Despite the streetcar’s issues, most people who voted Tuesday clearly felt OKC is headed in the right direction. Holt received 59.8 percent of the vote, which indicates most voters did not agree with two of his challengers, who painted OKC as a place with major problems.

The election results were pretty much as expected. David Holt has been quite the cheerleader for the city in his time as mayor, and by most accounts he seems like a pretty likable guy. Those are, quite frankly, the biggest two qualifications for the job, and as simple as that seems, the execution of such qualities on a daily basis can prove difficult for many.

So what are his next steps as mayor? I would have to imagine that seeing MAPS 4 projects get underway and promoting their completion will be high priorities. If Holt feels brave enough to promote an expansion of the controversial streetcar, perhaps a surfing publicity stunt will make some waves. That’s probably not in the job description, though.

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