OKC streetcar named frustration
In Episode 9 of Live From the News Dungeon, the team talks April 2021 elections and transportation frustrations. (NonDoc)

Inspired by a long ride to nowhere on the OKC Streetcar (details within!), the latest episode of Live from the News Dungeon is focused on transportation. Our hosts share their pet peeves about Oklahoma City transport — from perpetual potholes to mysteries of the stoplight algorithms.

OKC’s transportation infrastructure has a number of quirks, some stemming from the city’s history — such as the original OKC streetcar, which is the subject of this week’s historical nugget — and some that can be attributed to inscrutable modern decision-making. (Like, why isn’t the streetcar a bus?) If you have your own gripes about getting around the city, this might be a cathartic conversation.

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The topics at hand: OKC streetcar, et al

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pizza pothole
This pothole in the middle of the recently repaved Western Avenue near Northwest 35th Street grew to the size of a large pizza in a matter of days. (Tres Savage)

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