David Walters
Former Oklahoma Gov. and current independent power plant executive David Walters joined the LFTND team Thursday, March 4, 2021, to talk electricity and government by gesture. (NonDoc)

Pop quiz: Who is the most famous person from Canute, Oklahoma? If you answered former Oklahoma Gov. David Walters, pat yourself on the back!

Oklahoma’s 24th governor joined our Live From the News Dungeon team for this week’s podcast episode, which was recorded back in our News Dungeon … which is actually Walters’ dungeon, because he owns the building.

Interviewing your landlord always presents an interesting opportunity, and the timing was particularly opportune for this episode owing to Walters’ profession after politics: CEO of Walters Power International, a global player in the independent power plant sector. We asked him to educate us on the broader electricity landscapes of Oklahoma and Texas, and he was nice enough to dive into the weeds a bit. He also stuck around to critique the Oklahoma Legislature and answer a deep question from a 6-year-old.

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A timeline of the key topics at hand

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  • HB 1888 to prohibit gender or sexual diversity training or counseling by public entities;
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