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This local snowman says listen to Live From the News Dungeon. (Angela Anne Jones)

Time loses meaning within a wild winter polar vortex, and our team members here at NonDoc had difficulty telling down from up and round from square over the past … week? Ten days? What month is it?

When the sun finally came out Friday and temperatures climbed above freezing, our pod pod (that’s what you would call a group of whales that do podcasts, by the way) gathered via Zoom call to record an episode of Live From the News Dungeon about the weather and associated storylines.

While the audio isn’t up to our usual standards — turns out recording from one’s closet to limit echoes doesn’t help your internet signal — our crew felt good about our chat, which examined power problems, climate change and local TV news coverage.

Speaking of that last topic, News 9 in Oklahoma City is now running a promo about how it broadcasted “more than 97 hours of (weather) coverage day and night,” which equates to about one-third of the 294 hours OKC’s temperature was below freezing. That’s a lot of air time!

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And, of course, you can listen to this week’s episode embedded right here:

A timeline of the key topics at hand

Episode 6 of Live From the News Dungeon is a little shorter than our other episodes — yay, team! — but you might find the following links interesting to reference while listening:

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