Live from the News Dungeon podcast
NonDoc's new podcast — Live from the News Dungeon — is neither live nor recorded from an actual dungeon. But, from top to bottom, Andrea DenHoed, Tres Savage and Angela Jones attempt to show you the lighter side of our publication. (NonDoc)

Sitting around the NonDoc newsroom, I often find myself engaged in highly amusing and distinctly irreverent conversation with our operations manager, Angela Anne Jones, and our managing editor, Andrea DenHoed.

One day, as Angela and I attempted to determine which of us could make a more realistic donkey noise, we recorded the competition and sent it to Bryce Holland, our freelance audio/video expert who had produced NonDoc’s 2018 podcast series called How We Got Here, which took a current topic in the Oklahoma political landscape and examined its history.

Bryce and I had been discussing the possibility of launching a new NonDoc podcast with a different feel.

“Here is an example of the direction Angela and I want to take it,” I told him.

The informal side of NonDoc

Live from the News Dungeon
From left to right, Angela Jones, Tres Savage and Andrea DenHoed record episode one of Live from the News Dungeon on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020. (Bryce Holland)

Two months later, we are excited to release the pilot episode of our new podcast effort, Live from the News Dungeon, available for download on PodBean, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pandora and Apple Podcasts, as well as its connected platforms.

If you listen, you will hopefully enjoy the informal side of NonDoc and get a glimpse of how our team members stay sane and positive despite devoting most of our time to covering politics and public policy. We want this podcast to reflect the range of informal conversations we have in our basement newsroom. Sometimes we discuss serious issues, but sometimes we make donkey noises.

When you listen to this first episode, you may want to keep the following items at your fingertips for relevant reference:

Should you enjoy our new podcast, please rate, review and share this pilot episode. Also, as requested in the episode, feel free to note in the comments your thoughts on spitting and your ideas for the superhero power.

Lastly, please note that our 2018 How We Got Here podcast episodes remain available for listening on our same podcast channel.