TPS report
(Mike Allen)

An audit for you, an audit for me!

Gov. Kevin Stitt has preached the word “audit” since his first campaign for office in 2018. Last week, he asked Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector Cindy Byrd to perform an audit of the finances for Tulsa Public Schools.

It has certainly become popular to audit entities in the Oklahoma education sector, and perhaps for good reason. Recent audits of #oklaed entities have included:

  • Byrd’s audit of Epic Charter Schools, which revealed a litany of issues and ultimately led to criminal charges against school founders;
  • Byrd’s audit of Seeworth Academy, a charter school that closed abruptly amid reports of superintendent embezzlement and whose board continued to spend money after the school closed;
  • Byrd’s audit report accusing an administrative assistant at Stillwater Public Schools from embezzling more than $200,000;
  • Byrd’s ongoing audit of Western Heights Public Schools, which has faced a myriad of challenges related to school leadership, board oversight and fiscal management.

Stitt has also asked Byrd to do an investigative audit of the entire State Department of Education, a request he describes as historic and that his opponents call political.

Now, we can add the percolating issues at Tulsa Public Schools to the list of situations Cindy Byrd & Associates have been tasked with unfurling.

When she completes the Tulsa Public Schools audit, we will be looking at what can only be described as a “TPS report,” thus breathing new life into that old Office Space joke. Bill Lumbergh would be proud.

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