Sun extracts revenge on Earth
(Mike Allen)

Is it safe to go outside again?

A quick check of the weather app on my phone answers this question. No, it isn’t. It’s brutally hot — historic, even — and that means I and many others are miserable. What did we ever do to deserve this? 

While I’ve been fretting about what my energy bill will be next month, I’ve had time to question why it is that we, as a society, are more ok with doing outdoor activities when the temperature is over 100 degrees than when it’s 32 degrees.

Both are awful in my opinion, but year after year I see so many people out and about in the extreme heat, only to shut in when the temps dip below 40. I understand that, at least in our minds, the season of summer is seen as a carefree time where vacations and relaxation are top of mind. Those things don’t sound so great when it feels like you’re sticking your head in an oven while going for a walk. I need answers, or at least something to mill over while I wait for cooler days.

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