Sunday, July 15, 2018



At summit, Trump stands above the Sea of Fog

I've heard the word "summit" more times this past week than in my entire lifetime combined. Between the G7 Summit and the upcoming North...
Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings hacker missed delicious opportunity

While Buffalo Wild Wings' Twitter page did get a little wild the other night, this is my low-key campaign to raise awareness of just how good...

Photo gallery: Hip-hop on display at NMF ’18

Norman's hip-hop scene is dormant compared to what's flourishing in Oklahoma City. That was apparent on the stages hosting the genre's offerings at the...

Local millennial jumps ship, claims ‘xennial’ label

The 'xennial' life raft has been out there for a few years now, but I don't believe it has received enough attention. Before there...
do the clothes discuss

Do the clothes discuss what happened today?

The stories of us by Peter Fulmer Do the clothes discuss What happened today? When the little used coat is returned to its hanger And the light is off Does...
Paul Wesselhöft

Fmr. Rep. Paul Wesselhöft published his steamy poems

Since our inception, NonDoc has routinely received submissions on a variety of topics. Among the most prominent of those is the Oklahoma Legislature, while...
The Paseo

30 years ago, The Paseo was actually a rough ‘hood

In 1983, my wife, Jocelyn, and I bought a small house nearby The Paseo. A year earlier, the collapse of Penn Square Bank had...
Laurel and Yanny

New ‘Laurel and Yanny’ sitcom hits pitch-perfect note

I was introduced to "The Dress" at a bar in 2015. After several drinks, a friend held a phone near my face and asked...
Charlie Christian

Charlie Christian to enter Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Legendary guitar player Charlie Christian will be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame this fall. The news was announced today during a luncheon...

Veto shows Fallin governing from the center … of a coin

It's funny that, when Gov. Mary Fallin was presented with two controversial bills, she sided with a liberal position on one, and a conservative...

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