Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Sooners on Sunday

Rest or party? Sooners on Sunday a good conundrum

I know, I know: This comic is a "dad joke" if I've ever made one. I'm very confident, however, that there will be plenty of...
new northeast OKC grocery store

Homeland plans new northeast OKC grocery store

Amid turmoil over food access in Oklahoma City's historically black neighborhoods, Homeland announced this morning that it has signed a letter of intent to...
OKC aquarium

OKC aquarium idea destined for lackluster sequels?

This past week, Oklahoma City residents learned of a massive proposal looming for the next MAPS vote; one that made its presence known with...
Susan Binkowski

Hank, Susan Binkowski promise new northeast OKC grocery store

In an hour-long Facebook video released Friday by Pastor Derrick Scobey of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Hank and Susan Binkowski — owners of Smart Saver,...
big box store

In a big box store beside a huge parking lot

In a big box store where managers train to intimidate, associates zone in packs crossing aisles, arranging order To be broken, by management’s pecking order. The chain...

MAPS 7: After pickleball stadium’s success, voters pitched Joystick Arena

Over the past several weeks, Oklahoma City residents have heard numerous proposals for MAPS 4, three of which involve sports arenas in some form...

Two-buck suck: Nielsen killed their own radio survey

The Nielsen company is likely the best-known media ratings entity in America. It solicits people to record their programming preferences in a one-week diary...
Nikki Nice

Nikki Nice seeks answers, options after Smart Saver grocer’s closure

Oklahoma City Ward 7 Councilwoman Nikki Nice says she is still waiting for answers. Nice wants to know why the Smart Saver grocery store closed...

‘Ma’am, being deaf is not a death sentence’

(Editor’s note: This is the final installment of a three-part series on living with disability titled “Biting Hearing Aids.” Read part one here and part...
Democrat Kombat

Democrat Kombat: Whose soul will be whose?

It's ... DEMOCRAT KOMBAT! OK, it's not quite that exciting. In fact, the Democratic Party primary debates this past week were kind of boring. However,...

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