Thursday, December 14, 2017


Mary Fallin lumps of coal

Playing Santa, Mary Fallin hands out lumps of coal

Gov. Mary Fallin is handing out a second special session, and just in time for the holidays! What gifts will the people's elves crank...
Magdiel Sanchez

Prater clears officers in fatal shooting of Magdiel Sanchez

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater cleared two Oklahoma City police officers today of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a deaf man in...
Warrior Mindset Keith Sweeney No Easy Days

No Easy Days: Sgt. Keith Sweeney touted ‘warrior mindset’ with clothing...

Sgt. Keith Sweeney, the Oklahoma City Police Department officer charged with murder Tuesday, launched a clothing line in 2016 called No Easy Days that...
second special session

Fallin sets second special session date

Gov. Mary Fallin has called for a second special session of the 2017 Oklahoma Legislature, announcing today that lawmakers will return Monday, Dec. 18. Her...

Business, education leaders talk DACA: ‘The fear is unbelievable’

With two dozen Oklahoma stakeholders gathered Wednesday around a table at the Broadway 10 chophouse, congressional field staff and media heard about "the fear"...
continuous calendar

Continuous calendar: Keep the method, not the madness

The debate over the Oklahoma City Public School System’s continuous calendar shows what wimps teachers have become. We just need to bring back the...
seclusion roomsvideo

Seclusion rooms isolate Oklahoma students despite objections

(Editor’s note: This post was authored by Jennifer Palmer and appears here in accordance with the non-profit journalism organization’s republishing terms.) A controversial practice of shutting...

Preserve America’s bold experiment: Reject ethno-nationalism

Ratko Mladic has finally been found guilty of war crimes 22 years after the end of the Bosnian conflict (see video above). Known as...

‘I will fucking shoot you’: Body cam footage shown

At a press conference this afternoon, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater played body camera footage of OKCPD Sgt. Keith Sweeney's fatal shooting of...
OKCPD Dustin Pigeon

OKCPD officer charged with murder of Dustin Pigeon

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has filed a second-degree murder charge against OKCPD Sgt. Keith Sweeney for the Nov. 15 shooting of a...

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