Sunday, July 15, 2018


Echols asks groups to "live in peace"

Medical marijuana groups split on special session

From his position as House Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Jon Echols (R-OKC) has met with both factions of Oklahoma's medical marijuana advocacy groups, which...

Son Of a Bitch Everything’s Real: An acronym for hope

I had my first drink during the summer of 2006, following my freshman year of college. Before that, I had always been a shy, melancholy...

Oklahoma Teacher Retirement System puts Social Security to shame

TULSA — My primary productive activity these days is Uber driving for two grandchildren (for which I keep detailed accounts with the expectation of being...

Letter: Key reversals possible, unlikely on new SCOTUS

To the editors: For those who are concerned about SCOTUS and a possible reversal of the Obergefell and Windsor decisions recognizing marriage equality in MAGALand,...

Life in Trump’s shadow: From Pruitt to Pizzagate

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s almost unfathomable to watch it up close, the wholesale destruction of the bases of American political leadership. Here in Washington, however,...
primary mailers

Primary colors podcast: Green lit, red runoffs, blue wave?

With basically eight weeks between now and Oklahoma's Aug. 28 runoff election, the How We Got Here podcast team sat down to examine what...
Mary Fallin not high

Gov. Mary Fallin not high … on SQ 788 special session

Some might say they were spooked by the results of Tuesday's primaries. Others might say that a lot of political capital has been lost...
no special session about medical marijuana

Fallin: No special session about medical marijuana

Gov. Mary Fallin announced this afternoon that there will be no special session about medical marijuana this year as a result of State Question...
election night

Historic election night fuels watch party curiosity

The last time I spent much time hanging out at election night watch parties was when George Nigh was the white-hat candidate on his...
civic engagement

Forget tests: Measure schools by their civic engagement

Education watchdogs have long looked to test scores as we consider the condition and efficacy of a state’s education system. During the peak civic...

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