We've already made some progress with our celebration goal. Will you help us get all the way to $5,013.00?

After many months and lots of paper, we are an official nonprofit with a 501(c)3 designation, y’all! To celebrate and to ensure we close out the year in a strong manner, we’re doing a one week fundraiser. Our goal is $5,013. Do you get it? And will you help us get there?

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What has changed

Our mission is to keep local, independent and unbiased journalism sustainable, and seeking a 501(c)3 nonprofit status felt like the best way to do that. Also, Google ads are awful.

So while our journalists have spent 2020 keeping a close eye on the capitol, education, elections, local civic happenings and COVID-19, our office talks and whiteboard renderings have been about applying for grants and finding sponsors instead of advertisers.

What this means to you

Thanks to our official approval from the IRS, your donations can be tax deductible (depending on your specific tax obligations). We’ve been diligent about keeping track of each of our donors, both monthly and one-time donations, and we’ll be sending out receipts at the start of next year when you’re having fun doing your taxes.

What we are excited about now

The arrival of September also meant our NonDoc anniversary, so you can also donate to this fundraiser because our independent publication has just concluded its fifth year of operations. While we aren’t toddling around anymore barely able to walk, we are basically kindergarteners, and it’s exciting! We are also humbled by the support we’ve received over the years. We would not be here, serving Oklahomans who value independent journalism, without you. We appreciate our symbiotic relationship and are so inspired by your support, readership and commitment to #Keep(ing)ItLocal.

We’ll be monitoring where we are in our $5,013 fundraising goal and posting it all over social media this week. Feel free to share those posts or just send Aunt Sandy, your neighbor Bill and weird cousin Trevor your favorite NonDoc articles.

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While you’re here, make sure you know our team

What began as a two-man operation has grown into an impressive newsroom. We have five journalists on staff now! (Plus one operations manager that dreams in spreadsheets.)

We want to say hello and thank you.

Tres Savage

Tres Savage
Tres Savage moderates a GOP runoff debate for Oklahoma‘s 5th Congressional District on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020, at the Tower Theatre. (Michael Duncan)

Our fearless leader and editor in chief is William W. Savage III, AKA Tres. He is passionate about the truth, country music and his three-legged cat, Frizzy. He is a nationally certified Mental Health First Aid instructor and somehow served as a high school baseball coach for three seasons without getting ejected from a game.

Andrea DenHoed

Andrea DenHoed
Guarded by her dog, Chip, Andrea DenHoed serves as NonDoc’s managing editor. (Provided)

Our managing editor is Andrea DenHoed. She left a terrible and boring job at the New Yorker to join us just before an unexpected quarantine. All jokes aside, she has been an amazing addition, and we also like to see her dog Chip on our weekly video conferences. (We are pretty sure he does not feel the same about us.)

Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson
An anglophile, Matt Patterson stands in front of Highclere Castle in the United Kingdom. (Provided)

Matt Patterson is a long time journalist and world traveler. We can always count on his insightful articles and dry office humor. He’s bummed he won’t get to vote for Marianne Williamson in the presidential election — inside joke — but he says he’ll keep reporting all the same.

Megan Prather

Megan Prather
Megan Prather joined the NonDoc team in September 2020. Her cat, Scout, works on a volunteer basis. (Provided)

Megan Prather is our newest edition to the team as our education reporter. The ink on her new business cards isn’t even dry, but she is already bubbling with story ideas. Her cat might be prettier than Tres’ cat, but we would never say that to him.

Archiebald Browne

Archiebald Browne
Archie Browne would prefer that his cat, Akira, be the center of attention in this photo. (Provided)

We had an intern that never left, which is exactly how we like it. Archiebald Browne joined us for a summer internship in 2019, and now he’s stuck with us as our student editor. We love his brightness, eagerness and, yes, his kitten.

Angela Anne Jones

Angela Anne Jones
Angela Anne Jones is NonDoc’s operations manager and is mother to her adorable son, Lincoln, who occasionally draws bathroom humor on the office whiteboard. (Provided)

Somebody has to do the books, raise money and (try to) keep everyone sane. So we’ve got our resident office mom and operations manager, Angela Anne Jones. She has a six-year old son who is mostly cute, but she pawned her cat off on Tres because young boys are animal enough.

We also have incredible interns!

From left: Wendy Weitzel, Kayla Dunn and Brittany Danielecki are NonDoc interns for the fall of 2020. (NonDoc)

Did you meet them and read their introductory pieces last week? If not, find them below:

And just in case you missed the point above …

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