power of prayer

To the editors:

Christianity has many sects — just like Islam, with its two well-known branches of Shia and Sunni (among other smaller sects) who war ceaselessly with other Muslims not in the family tribe.

American Christianity has many sects also, but we prefer the term “denomination,” as it sounds more peaceful. The denominations can all be boiled down into two main sects: Bible babblers who hate homos regardless of gender presentation; and the other sect, which likes to pretend that all social problems will be solved if we just love one another a little bit more and sing maudlin folk songs in the style of Pete Seeger.

Remember, African-Americans prayed for centuries to be freed from slavery, but it took a Civil War that killed over 700,000 people and laid waste to numberless towns and cities in the South for the official end of slavery. As we’ve seen with the advancement of President Donald Trump, from Crooked Businessman in New York to Crooked Businessman-in-Chief, there is a determined movement in this country to return to a time of White domination over all social and economic activity.

All the while, each member of these desert tribes descended from Abraham prays fervently that their unique entreaty to Muslim Allah or Christian God will be answered regardless of consequences for the targeted people or errant cause.

Millions of people prayed for mitigation and protection from the recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and there will be a few media reports of individuals who were in the right place at the right time to make it through with their lives and property intact (my own sister being one of them). But what about Puerto Rico and other islands living through the definition of catastrophe?

Tell me again about the power of prayer.

James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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