lieutenant governor
(William W. Savage III)

Democrats and Republicans will vote in Oklahoma lieutenant governor primaries this Tuesday.

Current Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb is term-limited in his current position as he makes a bid for the governorship. Seven candidates — four Republicans, two Democrats and an independent — filed for the state’s second-highest executive position.

The lieutenant governor serves many of the same roles as vice president of the United States. He or she is second in line for the governorship, serves as president of the Senate and casts tie-breaking votes in the chamber.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order with incumbent party listed first. Content and photos taken from publicly available resources.

Dominique DaMón Block (R)

Profession: Board chairman & CEO at The Office of Multinational Security & Investigations, Inc.
Experience: Works as an entrepreneurship consultant, holds a bachelor’s of business administration in organizational management.
Platform: In a section of his website titled, “Blockonomics,” Block outlines his goals for the lieutenant governor’s office. He supports zero-based budgeting, which would have agencies justify their entire budget every fiscal year, lowering the drinking age to 18 and the elimination of franchise, excise and property taxes.
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Sen. Eddie Fields (R)

Profession: Cattle rancher and businessman
Experience: Fields has represented State Senate District 10 since 2010.
Platform: Fields’ “OK First Plan” emphasizes jobs, tourism, education and health care access. On these issues, he states he would raise teacher pay, work to bring new businesses to the state, promote Oklahoma tourism nationwide and would strengthen Oklahoma’s telemedicine.
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Dana Murphy (R)

Profession: Attorney
Experience: Served as Oklahoma corporation commissioner since 2009.
Platform: Murphy’s website states she would focus on the budget, education, health care and infrastructure as lieutenant governor. She describes herself as pro-life “from conception to natural death.”
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Matt Pinnell (R)

Profession: Businessman
Experience: Served as the Oklahoma Republican Party chairman
Platform: Pinnell’s website describes him as having conservative principles he would work to advance as lieutenant governor. He believes government should serve as an aid to small-business owners rather than a burden.
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Anna Dearmore (D)

Profession: Broker-owner of a real estate company
Experience: Candidate for state House District 16 in 2016, losing in a Democratic runoff with 42.8 percent of the vote.
Platform: On her website, Dearmore lists three ways she would help the state’s economy. She states she would work to improve Oklahoma tourism, legalize medical marijuana as well as industrial hemp farming and promote Oklahoma as a home for the space-tourism industry.
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Sen. Anastasia A. Pittman (D)

Profession: Educator
Experience: Served as a representative for HD 99 from 2006 to 2014 and as a senator for SD 48 from 2014 through 2018.
Platform: On her Facebook, Pittman promises to fight for quality education, affordable health care, economic development and for elderly and vulnerable adults. On her website she states, “Our top priorities for Oklahoma, must be to create higher-paying jobs, economic security and entrepreneurship opportunities.”
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Ivan Holmes (I)

Profession: Educator
Experience: Served as chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party for two years. Holmes lost in the 2014 Democratic primary for Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction, receiving 7.4 percent of the popular vote.
Platform: Holmes has said that he believes public schools are under attack from groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and charter school advocates.
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