David Holt
2016 presidential candidate Marco Rubio shakes hands with supporters at his OKC rally Friday. (Jeff Packham)

(Editor’s Note: Sen. David Holt (R-OKC) serves as Marco Rubio’s Oklahoma chairman for his 2016 presidential campaign. NonDoc has solicited Letters to the Editors from Oklahomans explaining why they support the presidential candidate of their choice. Email with your submission before the March 1 primary in Oklahoma.)

I am supporting Marco Rubio for president for several important reasons.

First, he is right on the issues. We need a president who understands that free-market and limited-government principles make our country the greatest in the world. Having said that, several remaining candidates are more right on the issues than they are wrong. There are additional factors that set Marco apart.

These factors include the fact that Marco is a remarkable communicator. I am always partial to leaders who communicate their principles with optimism. Marco is a leader in that mold. And he backs it up with tremendous preparation and knowledge. When I watch him, I can imagine him as president, and I can imagine being proud to call him president. Further, his personal story is inspiring and adds unique credibility to his message.

His ability to communicate leads directly to the next reason I support him: He can win the general election, and is the only remaining Republican contender who can credibly make that claim. It does Republicans little good to nominate someone who cannot beat Sen. Clinton.

And finally, he is the only remaining Republican candidate who can beat Donald Trump. Trump has emerged as the greatest threat in my lifetime to Republican traditions of conservatism, decency and freedom, and he must be stopped. A majority of Republicans agree, and they must rally around Marco before it is too late.

These are the reasons why I am proud to support Marco Rubio, and I encourage my fellow Oklahomans to do the same on Tuesday.

Sen. David Holt
Oklahoma City