Supporters of SB 1118 rallied at the Capitol earlier this session. (Provided)

Much has been made (for example, here at NonDoc) of the latest pro-life attempt to regulate murder. SB 1552 was vetoed Friday by pro-life Gov. Mary Fallin, who thus double-crossed her pro-life allies in much the same way those allies routinely double-cross the tiny humans victimized by decriminalised murder. It was a predictable, cute show that the two factions of the pro-choice anti-righteousness conglomerate — pro-abortion and pro-regulation (aka “pro-life”) — slapped together to distract everyone from the real problem and its real solution.

American Ninja Warrior is flashy and all, but this is shiny-object diversion par excellence.

Few remember the late great SB 1118, a product of actual repentance over our state’s toleration of federal tyranny and child sacrifice. Total abolition of all abortion was on the table, ready to be passed and signed by Oklahoma pro-lifers. SB 1118 would have made abortion first-degree murder. What happened to it, you ask? The state senate’s Republican pro-lifers, led by Christian conservative leaders Sen. Brian Bingman (R-Sapulpa) and Sen. Mike Schultz (R-Altus), killed it, largely because SB 1552 was already cooking.


SB 1552 passed precisely because the Oklahoma pro-life establishment knows it will not abolish abortion. Abolish abortion, and suddenly a huge plank in the platform that they get free of charge disappears. No longer would they get to say they want to fight abortion. For them, the fight is itself the goal. They perpetuate the evil by regulating it so they can be the heroes and the recipients of church-people votes.

For many reasons, SB 1552 is morally repugnant. Let’s explore a few. It provides penalties only against the hitman (the “doctor”) and not against the original conspirator(s) of murderous intent who initiates and funds the murder (the mother). It treats abortion as only a matter of medical malpractice rather than first-degree murder of a helpless victim, and the penalties reflect this diluted gravity. Abortion merely becomes illegal for a medical practitioner to do without a license. Thus, the pro-lifers concede a large portion of the pro-abortion argument, that abortion is a medical procedure.

They may protest: “We’re not saying that! We’re merely leveraging what SCOTUS already thinks.” Thus, they admit that they are lying, playing political games, treating SCOTUS like the king before whom they must bow rather than as a group of nine (or eight, at the moment) lawyers who are closer to their lives’ ends than beginnings, lawyers who will themselves soon stand before God and give an account for, among other things, their refusal to establish righteous judgments with respect to child sacrifice and the multi-faceted perversion of marriage that have proceeded on their watch. It is showmanship. Child sacrifice as a political football.

Consider from 1552: “Nothing contained herein shall be construed in any manner to include any birth control device or medication or sterilization procedure.”

This is like saying that shooting people in the head will get you a fine and a max three-year sentence, but if you poison their food, while the victim is just as dead, the perpetrator walks free.

Or this excerpt: “No person shall perform or induce an abortion upon a pregnant woman subsequent to the end of the first trimester of her pregnancy, unless such abortion is performed or induced in a general hospital.”

It is only a slight exaggeration to say this is suicidal on the part of the pro-life movement. Do they really want to banish abortionists from their junky little clinics into which people are ashamed to enter, to the legitimacy of hospitals? This is another repetition of the same theme — abortion is a medical procedure. Now the law says that this particular procedure must be done in a hospital. This is the epitome of regulation of murder rather than abolition.

The people and government of Oklahoma must repent of playing child sacrifice like this and must decide to defy the federal government and the Supreme Court, thus announcing that we will no longer tolerate the spilling of blood of innocent babies in our state.

Unless Oklahoma openly defies the federal beast and grants recognition to the humanity of the pre-born as worthy of the basic human right of life, SB 1552 would carry no weight at all, even if legislators override the governor’s veto. But, if that repentance takes place, SB 1552 is entirely superfluous.

Baby murder will happen next year. And the year after that. The new child sacrifice center on Southwest 44th Street in OKC will soon open for the business of even more bloodletting. The pro-abortion faction is unafraid of the Oklahoma pro-lifers, and that is because the pro-life movement does not serve the King of whom all servants of darkness are deathly afraid.

“For we will all stand before the tribunal of God, for it is written:

‘As I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow to Me, and every tongue will give praise to God. So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.’”

— Romans 14:10-12

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