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To the editors:

Evangelicals and other flat-earth-minded voters think they’ve found a champion for their repeated attempts to install an American theocracy with GOP candidate Donald Trump as president.

It seems to me that radically far-right Christian leaders often blatantly lie to convince their followers that all gay citizens are immoral, that all Muslims are terrorists, that all politicians are disreputable until, that is, they find one who will claim to carry their dogmatic water and enact an Old Testament-founded government.

They never got Roe v. Wade overturned with Reagan or either of the Bushes. They never got their anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment. But they’re willing to get in bed with a character like Trump in spite of the disreputable things he’s said, which should send shudders of disgust down their spines. They’re displeased with any kind of compromise on their issues in Congress, which has resulted in eight years of stalemate, but they’re considering throwing out their principles to make a deal with Trump?

That doesn’t sound like morally directed leadership to me.

James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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